Damn I am tired

OK, I will admit, there was a time, not all that long ago, where one of my mantras was “Sleep is overrated!” Followed quickly by, “I will sleep when I am dead!”

Nowadays, I truly love my sleep. The alarm goes off and I growl. I would much rather roll back over, snug back up with Michelle and close my eyes again. Needless to say, I know get a LOT more sleep than I used to.  That is, until these last couple days…

As predicted in the last post (Look Out, Here it Comes) the big windstorm did hit! Trees were down, the 52o bridge sustained some damage, branches were everywhere, and sadly, right at the end, in fact with one of the last big gusts, we lost our power at about 4:30. Damn…

Sundays are of course the night for The Walking Dead.  Since the day the show started, I have never missed an episode! I don’t mean On Demand, I mean 9 PM, I am watching it as it is broadcasted.  It is a tradition for the Manchild and I to text each other during the show.  This was in jeopardy…

Now, Monday morning, I had to get up at 4, and head to the airport at 430 to catch my 7 AM flight to Spokane. As I was laying in bed reading, starting to get tired, I started thinking, “Maybe going to be early might not be a bad idea….”

Then at 8:40, with 20 minutes to spare, the lights were on!  BOOYAH!! I popped out of bed, texted the Manchild, and I was sprawled on the couch to watch. Wide awake and raring to go. As always, it was a great episode, the kid and I had fun, and the tradition was kept alive! I didn’t get to bed till 10:30 though…

Sure as hell, 3:45 AM the alarm goes off and I drag my ass out of bed. I am NOT bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, shoot, I wasn’t sure I was breathing, but I did hit the road, and catch the flight as planned.  All I will tell you is yesterday was a LONG day!

I was starving after work, and being the creature of habit I am told I am (I neither confirm nor deny this) I went to my favorite place in Spokane, The Italian Kitchen.



I was responsible though, a plate of ravioli (half in Marinara sauce, half in Gorgonzola) some freshbaked bread (so hot it was hard to touch)  and a glass of wine.  I came back to the hotel, read for a while, and was asleep by 9!

So one might think, “Whew! Ok, he got some sleep, and since the class I was teaching didn’t start till 8:30, he got to sleep in!” One would think…..

But you see, because my class runs till 5 this time, I didn’t want to sign up for a 6 PM spin class.  You never know if you will be late, an accident on the road, or just won’t feel like. To remedy this, being the brilliant dude that I am, I scheduled a 5:45 class…

So, at 4:45, the alarm goes off, and our hero showed off his best morning person look!


OK, I promise the eyes were open as I drove to class…

The morning Spinbitch is an evil woman, she sneaks up you.  As the session started, I was thinking, “Wow, this isn’t so bad….” Then, her head spun around 3 times, green slime spewed from her ears, and with a guttural voice she yelled, “OK BITCHES!! I am going to make sure you get the work out you deserve! MOVE PEOPLE!!!”

As always, by the end, the legs were fried, I wasn’t sure if I was walking a straight line, and I was trying to figure out “WHY do you do this to yourself!” But I survived…

Day two in class was completed with maintaining a very high Caffeine to blood cell ratio in the veins. By 3 o’clock, I am pretty sure I started speaking in tongues, as the two students kept giving me blank looks…

Tonight though, I will be asleep soon. Tomorrow morning there is nothing planned, so I can sleep in until at least 6:30, and be back on my game. The trainees better be ready for a wide awake Tony!

Shoot, Maybe I will start the class with a rousing “LET’S GO BITCHESSSSSSSS!”

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