Sometimes it takes a while

There are things about me that surprise people I work with.

Since I am very loud and energetic, plus I being an excellent public speaker, in class and out, people find it very hard to believe I am an introvert (albeit a noisy one!)

I am also very good at trouble shooting tech issues in classes, meetings and for individuals.  I am not afraid to click buttons, mess with wires or Pull a Panama (Google it) to make things work.

Because of this some think I probably like to get the latest techie stuff….

In real life, though, this is FAR from the truth!

I remember back in the late 90s when my ex said. “We should get signed up for AOL!” I remember thinking it was silly, we didn’t need it and I’d never use the internet….  Fast forward a month and I was in chat rooms to the Weeee hours. (A similar conversation occurred when upgrading to a Cable modem instead of dial-up….)

So there I was MANY (yeah I know I am old) years later and Michelle once asked me if I’d like a Kindle.  “I dunno,” I remember thinking, “I think I am a real book person.” Michelle, knowing her husband MUCH better than he knows himself, got me the Kindle for Christmas 4 or 5 years ago.  If I’ve read a dozen real paper books since that time I would be amazed….

My phone was the same way. All I ever did was text and call, why would I need a smart phone??  Yep Christmas came again and I am now App Happy including angry birds!

Folks shoudn’t be too surprised by all this.  I mean I drove this for 20 years


and would be still if’n it hadn’t died! I am usually very happy with the stuff I have as long as it works!

So why this post now?

Well Michelle once again convinced me (and I know she knows best) it is time to try something new.


Yep! I used this year’s REI dividend to join the Go Pro generation! In the past, I (again) have said, “Yeah, I just don’t know if I will use it, and who wants to see the stuff and it seems like too much work….”

This time though, I listened to my VERY smart wife and took the plunge! I have an SD card being delivered tomorrow so I can start using it, AND the Manchild will be up to show this old fart HOW to use it!

I am not as excited about the video as I am about being able to get still shots off what I see.  I can’t count how many times I have seen eagles in flight, strange bikes or stunning scenery but just didn’t have the chance to stop, get the camera out and take the shot.

I will share what I take on here of course, but fair warning, I make NO promises! We have all seen the really amazing videos taken with these.  I will consider myself lucky if, at first, I get anything usable at all….

We shall see!

Smile if you pass me, you may be on camera!

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