The Go pro test..

Yep, as I mentioned in the last post, I have joined the GoPro generation! Saturday would have been the prime day to test it out. It was 64, sunny, no wind, mountains were out and it was the perfect day to ride!

However, 3 things kept this from happening….

First, the brother-in-law was coming over for a pre-Easter breakfast.  Michelle was making sausage, eggs, and pancakes! (We didn’t tell him it was gluten-free pancakes… somethings are best left unsaid!) We wanted to be sure to be there this week.  Last week, during her 8 mile walk, the BIL called from our house asking where we when and when breakfast was…. Yep he was a week early.  Breakfast Saturday was great!

Next, I didn’t have a micro-SD card needed to film with, Amazon was delivering during the day, and I then had to make sure I knew what I was doing. (Never a sure bet!)

And most importantly, it was the Manchild’s 18th birthday! We had promised him conveyor belt sushi, and we delivered.  The 3 of us did justice to our visit!


So this morning was the day of the ride and the test! Which of course RAINED! Well I coulda decided not to go for it, but I am hurting for miles this month (hell this year) so a 30 miler, albeit a wet one, was called for! How wet?


That’s me checking to see if it is working or not!  Flattering huh….

Even though I am excited to take and share videos of my rides (especially in Rainier and at the Ocean) I am also excited to take pictures from the videos as well.  There are many times I see things along the ride, and flat can’t get to the camera in time.

For example, in the middle of the cold and wet, I ran into this nut! (coming from a nut who was riding 30 miles in the driving rain I know! )


Yep, while everyone else in the world was wearing as much gortex as they could find, this cowboy decides that skin is waterproof!  Of he just thinks chicks dig him shirtless.  I didn’t stop to ask.

I did learn a few things.  1) The battery life is about 75 minutes.  Gotta watch that.  2) The case is waterproof, but the water on the lens is a pain. 3) Rain is LOUD on the GoPro! 4) I was able to edit and get one cool video!

Yep that is me at Gasworks Park!  Its only 3 minutes long, but I like it!

So, I have more practice to do, I need an extended battery and some serious hours on the editing software.  But I have time, and it is fun AND who knows what I will see.  Smile as you pass me folks!  You might be on camera!


Like the wind!

Oh, and of course, as soon as I got home the rain stopped!

5 thoughts on “The Go pro test..

  1. This is awesome! Despite the rain on the lens, you know that better days will come (supposedly it will eventually stop raining as we move into summer months!) I appreciate all of your efforts. There are many sections of the Burke-Gilman Trail which I have not seen and it was great to “ride along” with you on this, your first Go Pro outing and see the sights. You were smart to pick Gasworks Park for your first Go Pro post because it is a point of orientation that most people have heard of, with very visible landmarks.

  2. Congrats. Welcome to the Go Pro universe.

    You should play around with the video resolution. I usually use 720p, 60 fps. If you really want to go conservative, try wvga.

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