When it arrives….

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the weather. When you are a cyclist it has a big effect on the amount of fun you have when you saddle up! It can be too cold, to hot, to windy, too wet, too wet, cold AND windy. When you are a northwest cyclist you either deal with all of these, or hibernate for the winter (well most of fall, ALL of winter and part of spring) months…

Sunday, as you saw in the last post was just plain wet.


NOT a good day to be out, but I was. 2.5 hours of downpour… There are those (natives and transplants) who claim spring is as dark and dismal as winter.  We let them whine and tell y’all this, because those of us in the know will tell you the sun is coming, and when it arrives…

I had heard the forecast saying Wednesday and Thursday were going to be sunny and flirting with 70. Ladies and gents this is the PERFECT weather for me.  Shirt sleeves, fingerless gloves shorts, but not TOO hot! It was time to plan to make up for the lack of miles in March (The other nice week I was 300 miles away from the bike!)

The plan was this: Wednesday, I would cycle into Seattle in the morning, then after my last meeting (which could have been a detailed email instead!!) I would jet out for a trip across the I-90 bridge.

Seattle, Lake Washington Loop, Lake

My plan was to use and share things from the GoPro, but sadly I need more practice… but I digress…

The day started out very promising!


And, when I took the lunch time walk, I KNEW it would be one of those Spring days we all relish.  Here a just a few pictures from the walk

IMG_2221 IMG_2224 IMG_2226 IMG_2227

AS planned, with a little push from me, the meeting ended at 2:30. By 2:40 I was heading North on Dexter for the ride.

It was perfect! I could feel the warm sun on my face, the wind in the hair, smell of the lake.  I was sporting the WSU jersey and received the first “GO COUGS!!” of the year.  Always a great thing to hear!

However, about 10 miles into the ride I realized the bike was having issues.  For some reason, the front derailleur was not getting the chain onto the big ring.  I was stuck with the lower half of my gears.

Now I’d be lying if I told you I this didn’t make me a bit cross. And I did consider turning around  and heading home. But dammit, it was too nice a night, the bike still moved fine, and I knew I had hills to climb, so it was better to be stuck low than high….

Well, the rest of the ride lost a bit of the luster, and in fact I didn’t take a single picture, but after 37 miles (in addition to the 17 that morning) I was feeling pretty good!

But I still had issues with the bike…

This morning, at 10 AM I was at the local bike shop when the doors opened! 15 minutes of fiddling and jiggling later, I was ready to ride!

Damn good thing, because today was even nicer! 71 degrees, no wind, and I was out the door at 2 PM.  Michelle and I are walking a 10 K on Saturday across the longest floating bridge in the world, the new Hwy 520. Today was packet pickup, but they warned traffic and parking would SUCK!!

Funny, though, things like that never bother a bike!  I rode right to the front door of RoadRunner sports, locked the bike, walked right in, and was back on the road in 5 minutes! Perfect!

I made my way back to lake Washington and the Burke Gilman trail and held a pretty good pace (Ok there was a tailwind) most of the way home! All with birds singing and the sun warming everything it touched! I have started the 2016 cyclist tan!  Like a farmers tan but MUCH sexier!

So far this week I have ridden 96 miles since Monday.  The most in a long time! That does not include the 30 on Sunday, adding that is 126 miles! No wonder the legs are fried!

Tomorrow is a rest day, then the weekend shapes up to be busy.  Regardless, these are the days cyclists in the Northwest live for.  Spring is here, and soon I will be able to ride in the mountains as well.

Like the wind folks! Get outside and enjoy it!

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  1. WHOOOO-HOOO the sun was out today! I rode the Sound Transit 554 bus across I-90 and the view was spectacular. I went to the Puget Sound Regional Archives (on the campus of Bellevue University) to do Fremont property history research! This is my idea of fun! My Fremont Historical Society research partner Judie and I are looking for houses or businesses that had to be moved out of the way for the Ship Canal.

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