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Someday maybe I will get used to it.

If I sit there and be completely truthful, there is one thing that my blogging and cycling have in common.  I do them both because I enjoy it. Cycling gets me outside, exercise, and teleports me back to that kid … Continue reading

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Tougher than I will ever be!

Ladies and gentlemen I have been on hard rides, I have done more than one blog post about the ones that are seared into my memory. And, I have, during a climb to Chinook pass, been told by a group … Continue reading

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Book Review: Take a Seat (One Man, One Tandem 20,000 miles of Possibilities) By Dominic Gill

Ok, I won’t lie, I take a little bit of pride in the name of my blog.  I have traveled 20000 miles and had some vert memorable adventures. But, my hat goes off to Dominic Gill.  He did 2000o miles … Continue reading

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When you pushed yourself a bit too far

Over the years, people ask me how I make myself work out.  I am by NO means a gym rat. I honestly hate working out inside. So, for years, I have done everything I could to workout in the great … Continue reading

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An adventure can happen any time you are on 2 wheels

Way back in 1995, when I first thought about climbing Mt. Rainier, I started reading real life adventure books. Up in the attic, in 4 big tupperware containers is the resulting library.  I have books on mountain climbing, arctic travels, … Continue reading

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Its a wonder Mom survived!

Today, being Saturday, is frequently errand day.  The Manchild was dropped off at the Smash (video game) tournament at UW, Michelle was out getting her hair did, and I decided to get the grocery shopping done. On these weekend days … Continue reading

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Wracking Up the Miles: March 2016

It is scary how quickly the months are flying by.  Between work, kids, house and life in general, suddenly yet another month has passed!  In fact, I took a look at the calendar just now and damned if it isn’t … Continue reading

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Unappreciative Jerks!

I’ve had a lot of time to think about my Sunday adventure.  Cascade Bike club had the first (and possibly the only) Emerald City ride.  This ride was unique in many ways. We were able to ride across Highway 520, … Continue reading

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The 6th anniversary weekend

Saturday was April 2nd.  Six years ago that day was one helluva stormy night.  It was a Friday, and our friends and family braved the weather to watch a lovely bride get hitched to kind of a dweeby looking groom It … Continue reading

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