The 6th anniversary weekend

Saturday was April 2nd.  Six years ago that day was one helluva stormy night.  It was a Friday, and our friends and family braved the weather to watch a lovely bride get hitched to kind of a dweeby looking groom


It was honestly one of the few weddings I very much enjoyed!

Now 6 years later, it had to be celebrated as only we could…

This weekend was the opening of the new State Route 520 bridge over Lake Washington.  To celebrate there were big events weekend.  Two of these were a 10 K walk and a 20 mile bike ride!  Anyone who knows us knows these are right down our alley…

The 10 K was Saturday morning,  For those metrically challenged a 10 k is 6 miles. Bright and early, Michelle and I (with 13000 of our best friends) were ready to walk across the bridge. Prior to this though, was a strategy meeting.  Mainly where to park.

As we approached Husky (UGH) Stadium, we raffic was backed up for miles!  Michelle said, “TURN HERE!” and we found street parking 1.5 miles away for free!  What the hell, if you can walk 6 you can walk 9!

We got there just in time to line up with our buddies



and prepared to walk the bridge.

It was a great walk! The weather was a little bit chilly, but that didn’t keep all of us from having fun as we entered and crossed 520!


Plus honestly the views were gorgeous.


The best part was when the bald eagle flew over us.

Michelle and I after all this time still love each other…


And after the walk we rewarded ourselves with breakfast!


The day was NOT over yet though!

That night was a Seattle Sounders game! We had tickets with our friends Sandy and Bob, and Shaun and his daughter Andy.


Once again, Michelle and I hate traffic!  So we parked another 1.5 miles away and walked to the stadium.

Editors note: Lets do the math.  6 miles for the 10 K, 3 miles round trip from the car to the starting line, and 3 miles round trip from the car to the sounders game and you get 12 miles!. On a bike, 12 miles is easy! On foot, lord I was tired!  That is damn near a half marathon!

Michelle and I headed out at half time, since I had the ride!

Yeo, the next day was the Emerald City Bike ride. I parked 10 miles away, again to avoid traffic. I wanted to be there early


as I knew there would be a lot of people. It sold out at 6000 but I knew there would be more! Hell even the governor showed up!


It was a once in a lifetime route.  Over the bridge and back


Here is the complete bridge trip if you are curious

Then onto the I5 Express lanes

image GP020017-0003

into Seattle,  As tough as I am, I looked around at the starting line and saw these two contraptions. These folks mean business!

image image

I have driven the I-5 corridor  thousands of times over the years I have lived here.  But on a bike I was able to stop and appreciate the view.

GP020017-0004 image

Afterwards we went into the international district, through the I90 bike tunnel and  back to UW.

During the entire ride, we had the Seattle Police department out waving us through every busy intersection.  It was not the longest ride ever, nor the hardest, but damn it was fun and well worth riding.  With the ride back to the car I put together 40 miles total!

All in all, no weekend will match the one when Michelle and I got married

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But this weekend will be remembered for a long time! Love you babe!

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