Wracking Up the Miles: March 2016

It is scary how quickly the months are flying by.  Between work, kids, house and life in general, suddenly yet another month has passed!  In fact, I took a look at the calendar just now and damned if it isn’t already the 6th of this month!!! This is just flat nuts.

Once again, March found me away for a week in the wilds of Spokane! Worse yet, it was during the nicest cycling weather of the year so far. Yep getting miles this month was NOT easy….

I know I keep harping on it, but last year we had the year without a winter. It was dry, warm and a pleasure to ride. This year, has been wet, wild and hard to find a cycling window. It’s either ride in the rain or don’t ride at all.


With the normal rain, there was also one helluva a windstorm right on Daylight Savings time weekend.


The power went out again, trees were down, and I almost missed the Walking Dead!

I did try to maker up being gone by signing up for morning spin classes.  I made 1 and slept through the second….  Next time I will go back to the afternoons…

Comparing the totals from this year to the last, I am hurting big time.  I know it is not a competition, but the feeling of being fat and flabby hits me more and more often. Hopefully, the weather will be more conducive, and with the daylight hours getting longer, I can ride after work!

I did sneak in a dry McClinchy mile ride.  As soon as I finished my 50 miles, and put the bike on the rack, the clouds opened up! The weather gods got their revenge though, when it rained on me for 30 miles on Easter Sunday!


The last week of the month coincided with better weather and some time available to ride, which, with the rainy ride above, gave me the first 100 mile week of the year! There will soon be a 100 mile day, but that will take a bit of time to happen.

The other big event of the month was buying myself a new toy!

image Yep I have joined the GoPro generation! I won’t bore you with the same videos I have already posted,  I am getting better at editing and snagging photos.  I need to be MUCH better before the big rides of the summer though…

With the last week, I was able to punch up the numbers a bit, 284 for March.  Which compared to previous years aint great, but with everything we’ve talked about here, it aint too bad.

Like the wind!

5 thoughts on “Wracking Up the Miles: March 2016

  1. I love your summaries/reviews of the past month. I think we could all benefit from a look back to help us know where we are headed next! In March I didn’t do any bike rides but….I drank a lot of coffee???? Of course, that is one of my goals! tee hee

      1. In March I was at the property archives twice, the King County Archives twice, and the National Archives (on Sand Point Way NE) one time! whew. Most of this has to do with my Fremont Historical Society buddies and our ship canal research.

  2. I feel your pain! It has been rain rain and even more rain here so far this year. Now with the lighter evenings, we too are hoping to get back to some after work riding! Here’s to better weather as we head into Spring/Summer!

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