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Take the long road home…

Anyone who has been following the blog this week knows I have been in Spokane all week. I decided to drive over and bring the bike so I could bike commute to the Spokane office.  Combining the fun rides and … Continue reading

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Some rides just remind me why I ride

Anyone who has read more than a post or two here in the trusty Mountainstroh blog, will quickly realize that I truly love cycling. I’ve ridden in rain, shine, fog, hail and even snow. Never have I regretted being on … Continue reading

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You know there are hotels closer to the office right?

Over the years, the people I work with in Seattle and Lynnwood office have gotten used to my riding the bike to and from work.  They have even, for the most part, gotten used to me riding over 100 miles … Continue reading

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What the HELL was THAT!

Once again, ladies and gents, I am stuck working in Spokane this week. In the past, as we know, this would mean I would be suffering with Spinbitch in a spin class after work. However, this time I came up with a … Continue reading

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A very WET Bike Anywhere Day!

In May, the third Friday of the month has historically been Bike to Work Day. OK, I know, y’all are thinking “But Tony, almost everyday is bike to work day for you!” This is very true. However, this is a … Continue reading

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How was your commute?

I feel almost kinda bad writing this post today. Our dear friend Coni had over a 2 hour commute because of the weather. From what I gleaned from her post, she was NOT a happy girl. Most car commuters aren’t … Continue reading

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Traveling by bike

One of my favorite bike quotes came from Ernest Hemingway, and goes like this: It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down … Continue reading

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So many things to do at our beaches!

I fully understand there are different people in the world. We all have the things we like and don’t like.  Since Thursday, Michelle and I have been at Cannon Beach, with this view outside out window. And we have loved … Continue reading

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I am lucky my wife loves me!

Once again, the call of the ocean has been answered!  Michelle and I are taking a well deserved break, and hanging out in Cannon Beach.  Folks the view from the room does NOT suck! However, as we all know, very … Continue reading

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A Bridge has 2 sides!

After entirely too long, Michelle and I started our vacation yesterday!  On the way down to Portland, she pointed out that the last time we had had more than just a long weekend was back in August when we went … Continue reading

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