Time to make some miles!

Folks, 2016 has been a strange year.  The weather, up and until now, has been closer to a normal Seattle winter and spring (Which makes it a bit harder to ride) so the miles I earned each month have been much less than last year.

I am not too concerned about the totals, but the lower miles means less exercise.  But after a decent April (to be discussed in a forthcoming post) it was time to kick it up a notch…

The weather was predicted to be perfect this weekend! However, great weather weekends this time of year also call for chores!

Saturday I deemed chore day! I was up early and attacked!

  • Starbucks Run
  • Home Depot
  • Clean roof
  • Clean gutters
  • Weedeat
  • Mow the lawn
  • plant the garden
  • rodent hunting
  • Grocery shopping
  • Whatever else needed to be done!

All was completed, and left Sunday for the ride.  I decided, May 1st was high time to get the first 100 mile in! Why? Sometimes you just need to kick it up a notch or two.

My first century is normally a ride on the ferry to Kingston



And then ride to Sequim and back.  There are views, rolling hills and a chance to ride across the sound on a pretty day



I was at the dock first thing, and on the road at 7:30.  I was a little worried after all the chores and almost 100 miles of riding during the week that I would be tired, but the legs felt strong and I was off.

Early in the ride, I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  I almost kept going, but every time I do, I regret it.  I turned around and saw this guy (blue heron)  looking for breakfast

image image

There are no filters used on this, just shadows and an early morning ride!  I am VERY glad I stopped!

This ride follows along  State Route (SR) 104 and  SR 101, over the hood canal bridge


Luckily though, on the way out, there are quite a few side roads I can take and avoid traffic.  Plus, as I got closer to Sequim I am able to pick up the Olympic Discovery Trail

image image

I cruised into Sequim at the 45 mile mark, but I knew I wanted to hit 100 for the day. On the way back I would take a more direct route, so I needed to pad the outbound miles a bit. This meant a ride through town and further down the trail.  I am glad I did!  Last year I saw this

Bridge Out, Olympic Discovery Trail, Sequim
Bridge Out, Olympic Discovery Trail, Sequim

This year it was fully repaired.

image image

I rode a ways past the bridge.  Sadly, right after it gets pretty boring.  I hear farther down it gets pretty again though.  I will need to plan a trip where I start in Sequim and see where it takes me.

I hit the turn around point and headed back into town. That’s when I saw a beacon shining and calling me! Subway! Yep a sammich was in order!  I had packed my normal peanut butter and jellies, but my stomach had other ideas.

I should mention here that Sequim is a big retirement area for Washington state. I tell you this because when I walked in, there were 3 people ahead of me who had to be in their 80s.  They were hard of hearing, the lady making the sandwiches seemed to be as well and everyone was having a hard time deciding what to get.

I had grabbed a Powerade from fridge and got in line.  As I stood there I could feel the impatience grow.  I had 50 miles to ride and ferry to catch!!  Can’t we speed this up!! And then it hit me.  There was a boat every half hour, Michelle told me to take my time and enjoy myself, and she had a fresh-baked chicken ziti waiting for me in the fridge. I was honestly NOT in a hurry.

So, I opened the Powerade, started drinking it, and settled back waiting my turn. By the time I got to the register with my ham, turkey and cheese, the drink was gone and I was in a much better frame of mind. The kid giggled when I told her I would be grabbing a second drink since “I’d had time to finish the first one as I waited.”  I added two cookies to the order and I was out the door.

The ride home seemed to go much quicker! The legs were still fresh, but I knew there were some serious hills for the last 20 miles.  One over a mile long…

I must be in better shape than I think though, I hit each one, pedaled strong, and had no issues.  I even took time to chat with 3 other cyclists as I refilled my water bottle for the last time. I didn’t sound too exhausted to myself.

I made it to the ferry, and saw I hit 104 miles for the round trip!  What I didn’t realize is that I had also hit a milestone number of miles


I have topped 23000 miles!!  Not bad!  I started counting in early 2008. What I like is that a lot of these miles have happened in the last few years, which means I am still getting stronger!

I kicked back on the boat. and decided to reward myself


I know…  I kicked the habit a couple years ago, but yesterday it just called my name!

The boat ride back was uneventful otherwise, I rode the last mile to my car, made it home and ate the ziti cold right out of the container!  DAMN that was good!

It was a busy weekend, a hard ride, but what I thought could end up as a death march at the end turned out to be just plain fun! A great day to ride!

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