Racking Up the Miles: April 2016

I have come to the conclusion that 2015 was a fluke of a year.  We never had a real winter, the cycling season was amazing and I was selected after 3 years of trying for a bucket list ride. In essence the cycling gods smiled and this resulted in a crazy amount of miles early in the year.

Until April, I haven’t been close to those totals…..

March ended with a seriously wet Easter Sunday ride. I was out there on that wet and sloppy day for 2 reasons. One I needed miles and two I wanted to try out the new GoPro.

This ride resulted in two trips to the shop to get the gears to work

But, the good thing about the weather in Seattle this time of year is that it changes.  Sure as hell, April actually ended up being pretty damn nice quite often!



The first weekend in April turned out to be our anniversary weekend.  And like most couples we celebrated by crossing a brand new floating bridge with 1000s of our best friends during a 10K walk.



We had a blast and, by the end of the day, ended up walking a half marathon’s worth of distance.  For Michelle this is no big deal, but for me, I was tuckered.

However, there was no rest for the weary, as the next day was the first inaugural Emerald City Ride.  I crossed the 520 Bridge,


Then rode on the I-5 Express Lanes



and circled back to UW.  I don’t know if I will do this again, but it was well worth it.

With April, daylight savings time kicked in! This meant with the longer hours of daylight, after work rides could happen.  It is becoming a tradition for Wednesdays to be the long ride after work day, I’ve gotten as many as 50 miles at a time, and, more importantly, it worked wonders as getting rid of the daily stressors.

Even better, I got to spend some time and ride in Oregon this month! Michelle had a half marathon in Corvallis


And this time, I and the GoPro were along to ride herd!


These three beautiful ladies rocked the day, and I am still so damn proud of them

image image

Then, in addition to these rides, I had the opportunity, not once, but twice, to ride the bike to the downtown office and back.  One of these was an early morning commute.  I love being the only one on the trail, birds singing and the sun not yet up.  At times its dark enough that you think you are floating!

The other time was a chance to meet a potential new boss.  I got to the office about noon, and being in a great mood after an excellent ride, I was walking around the office, in the cycling clothes, barefoot and whistling loudly.  She was in the lobby and looked right at me, but having no idea who I was tried to ignore me.

When we met after the shower, I am honestly not sure if she was able to place me as the really loud guy from earlier…

All of this worked out in my favor, for at the end of the month, when I broke out the calculator to add up the miles, I was hoping I finally had a 300 miles month,,,  Turns out, once again I did not….  it was 402 miles baby! BOOM!  I needed that!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


4 thoughts on “Racking Up the Miles: April 2016

  1. Boomshakalaka!
    Two questions:
    1) How on earth did you take that third photo? Is that a photo of you taking a forward-facing photo on your phone?
    2) Since I haven’t really been plugged into the Seattle scene in awhile, I’m not up on the 520 bridge going-one. Is there a bike lane on this bridge? (Please say “yes.”) 🙂

    1. Sara the gopro can be run from the phone. getting ready to take a picute of michelle and I when the gopro caught it.

      The 520 bridge does have a bike lane, bit it will not be ready until summer 2017 when the final piece is completed. It will be just like I-90. I am told it will be accessible from the east side for an out and back ride across the bridge this summer

      1. Double sweetness–on the GoPro and the bridge (I suppose I can wait another summer for that). 🙂

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