Some quick highlights of the Century ride

OK I admit it, I am still a kid with a new toy.  I am liking the GoPro a lot, and learning how to use it well (or at least better).  I am also working on the editing piece; pulling out the cool parts, while not making it so long it is boring!  I’ve shared the following highlights with my Facebook group, but thought I would do the same with yall!  Let me know what you think…

The ride started with boarding the Car Ferry Puyallup


What is nice is the bikes that are there when the boat arrives board first.

Once on the other side, I am lucky enough to have to cross the Hood Canal Bridge


Check out the blue water in this clip

Later as you approach and go through the town of Sequim, There is the Olympic Discovery Trail.  Being in the Northwest, I am spoiled like you wouldn’t believe with some of the improvements that have been made specifically for us cyclists.

This last one is even more special as last year this is what the bridge looked like.

Bridge Out, Olympic Discovery Trail, Sequim
Bridge Out, Olympic Discovery Trail, Sequim

There are many many things I love about cycling.  I could share hours worth of stuff, but hopefully these snippets help show why I ride and why I am so lucky to live where I do!

Thanks for indulging me and my new toy!



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