Yep made a wrong turn somewhere!

There are not many advantages to being a salaried individual.  You end up working extra hours, you don’t get overtime, and if you leave early, some people question you.  HOWEVER, the one advantage to being a salaried individual, is that you can work a couple hours, then leave the office, and NOT have to take a vacation day!

Today I did just that…

It was quite honestly a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.

image image

The sun was shining, the mountains were out, and, most importantly, tomorrow Michelle and I go on vacation.  I decided to head south and see the Manchild AND the Mathmajor for dinner (at Gramma’s no less!) but decided I needed some cycling time.

My mom, and the kids live in Federal Way.  Just south of them is Tacoma. In Tacoma is a ferry that will take you to Vashon Island


Long ago, when I first started riding, I rode on the Island.  I decided it was time for a revisit!

I drove south and parked in Point Defiance park.  A great place I will need to GoPro someday. I rode down to the ferry ticket office, only to see a sign that said “Be back at 11:20”  I reached for my phone, only to find it wasn’t there! DAMN!  Left it in the car.

OK I am NOT one of those glued to my phone, but I like to have it when I ride in case 1) I need a ride home or 2) I crash and burn and someone else needs to let people know! So I rode QUICKLY uphill! to the car, grabbed the phone and beelined back down to the ticket office.  I got there in plenty of time!

This was the first time in long time I did a ride with printed directions. Early on it seemed to work well. and while riding I stumbled onto both a blue heron

imageand a bald eagle on the beach (to be fair the bald eagle was forced down by crows)


After this shot, I made 2 or 3 more turns that were on the directions, but soon after that though, I was pretty much lost.

Yes yes, I know, how the hell do you get lost on an Island? No Idea!  Somehow I missed a turn and the “Daniel Boone Valente” skills left me! Truthfully I had NO idea where I was.

On the bright side, sometimes when you are lost you find the best places!


There was no reason to ride to end of the dock, but I am a sucker for the water….

OK, I have to admit, I was lost enough to have Siri point me in the right direction….  I did climb the biggest hill I could find, hoping to get my bearings, but with the trees and all, no dice! I was lost sure as hell!

Well Siri got me back on track, and I stopped for some Powerade at a gas station.  Trouble is, somehow I lost my directions at the same time… DAMN!

Luckily I was back on the main drag.  I went north until I found the other ferry, then turned around to make a fast run to the ferry I took to the Island.  I was excited to find a winery Michelle and I had heard of, but then bummed to find out it was closed.

I will admit I was stressed a bit.  Mom’s dinner was at 5:15, and I wasn’t sure I would make it.  Luckily, the last bit to the ferry is downhill

Folks, pure and simple I needed this. Gorgeous day, my bike and I, and an adventure of discovery.  It’s been WAY too long since I have gotten lost on the bike, and had to focus simply on getting home.  No work, current events or kid, just the bike and me!

It was a great 44 mile ride, and I built up the cycle tan a bit.  Now it is bed and a road trip tomorrow to Oregon!  Like the wind!

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  1. Yeah for getting lost! It’s healthy to do so every now and then. 😉 Btw, love that photo of your handlebars looking off into the water. 🙂

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