So many things to do at our beaches!

I fully understand there are different people in the world. We all have the things we like and don’t like.  Since Thursday, Michelle and I have been at Cannon Beach, with this view outside out window.


And we have loved every minute of it!  I have to laugh, though, some people think our oceans are boring.

In general, these are people who only go to warm water beaches. Their thinking is “If you can swim, surf, or get a tan, why go?”

Well before I start, let me show that you can in fact swim and surf!

IMG_2577 IMG_2588

Not being the best in the water, I do not partake, but trust me, surfers are everywhere around here!

I do partake in many activities.  The first being whale watching.


This is an old picture as they are hard to catch on camera (at least mine), but Michelle and I have seen at least 10 this trip.  We make a point to get an ocean view room every time, and we hang out, do our thing, and watch the ocean for our cetacean buddies.  (In fact, I pause every little bit while writing this to look again for one last siting or two)

You can visit lighthouses up and down the coast here.  This time we saw 2.  Tillamook rock is right off the coast here in Cannon Beach

IMG_2413 IMG_2578

And Cape Mearse, the tiniest of them all I rode the bike to on Friday


and some you can go inside of!


Speaking of bikes, you can ride on the beach as far as your legs will carry you



There are other things to spot as well as whales, I for one love to spot birds.  Sometimes it is very easy


But there are so many others to see

IMG_2561 IMG_2546 IMG_2527

IMG_2531 IMG_2532

IMG_2503 IMG_2502

There is sitting back and watching the sunset. Something, that to me, never gets old at the ocean

IMG_2420 IMG_2437 IMG_2439 IMG_2443 IMG_2454 IMG_2461

Tide pools!  I could crawl on rocks and check out tide pools for hours and days on end!  And, with the waterproof GoPro case I can share more than just pictures like this


Check out some of these short clips!

Then, as you can see from this post, there is photography.  Some people are more extreme than I…

IMG_2429 IMG_2431

But I like to take pictures and share them here, on Facebook and wherever there is someone who will look

IMG_2414 IMG_2417 IMG_2419 IMG_2458 IMG_2466 IMG_2476 IMG_2543 IMG_2567

Finally, with all this activity there is food as well!



And after a long exciting fun day at the beach, leave your window open (you won’t need an air conditioner) and just listen to the pounding surf all night.  Best sleep ever!

Nope, I rarely come home tan from a trip to the coast, but I come back happy, smiling and counting the days until I can come back!


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  1. Hallelujah, brother! I belong to the warm-water-beaches-are-a-bore family. Plus, exposure to all that sun can be unhealthy, as FossilCyclist mentioned. Three cheers for our pacific northwest beaches–hip, hip, hooray!

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