How was your commute?

I feel almost kinda bad writing this post today. Our dear friend Coni had over a 2 hour commute because of the weather. From what I gleaned from her post, she was NOT a happy girl. Most car commuters aren’t today.

Me, on the other hand, I also had an extra long commute, in VERY crappy weather. I have a bit of a different attitude about it though…

The ride to work today was a little damp.  Not a wash out, but damp enough I needed the rain shell. It wasn’t cold though, so all in all it was a very good bike commute to work.

Now last night, I rode home as fast as I could because I had heard it might rain.  Our grass was looking tall enough to graze cattle, and I knew if I didn’t get it done quickly, it would have to wait another week for my return from Spokane.  Hell by then, children could be lost in that yard.  I got home, changed and mowed like the wind! I was done an hour before the rain hit!

Today, the plan was a longer ride after work.  I am doing ok for miles this month, but the RSVP is coming fast, and I want to get more under these legs!

The weather looked bad though, with low clouds hanging all day. But, when 330 came around, there was no rain! So off I went!

Editors note: I HATE taking off in the rain.  But if I am on the ride and rain starts, I hate cutting the ride short even more.  So, as long as I get started….

I have pointed out before a major difference between cycle and car commuters.  Car commuters just want to get home, NOW! By the fastest route possible. We cycle commuters? We don’t mind taking the scenic route. For me today, it meant my 5 mile commute turned into 34!

I was at mile 4 (about a mile away from the house) when the rain started. I will admit, for a split second I considered heading home, but the ride had started! I just stopped, put on rain gear, then carried on!

OK, I was bummed about one thing though. I forgot the camera. I regretted it immediately. As I left the office, there on the sidewalk was a lavender bra with white polka dots. It was HUGE! (I point this out as I can’t imagine the person who wears this losing it by accident and NOT knowing she isn’t wearing one.) How often does a rider stumble on a bra, and me with no photo. (sorry didn’t even think of the phone)

Later I was even more bummed not to have it. Once again, bike and car commutes differ. Car’s look at other cars.  They focus ahead as to not hit the person ahead of them. On a bike, it’s completely different! I saw a kingfisher (woulda be a great picture with the zoom!), 3 bunnies, and LOTS a baby duckies! (I was told NOT to count the duckies, its bad luck…(for the duckies!))

Here it was, pouring down rain, and I was having a blast checking out nature!

In a car, you rarely if ever make eye contact with other commuters.  We bike riders say hi, talk a bit in passing, or at least nod to each other. We are all out there for the same reason, and we like to support each other, especially in the rain!

All in all, I spent over 2 hours getting home, I was soaked, cold, and a bit windblown (I think I also rode with my fly unzipped the entire time!). More importantly I was happy, smiling, and DAMN hungry! Some heated up baked ziti leftovers and a powerade and I was a satisfied man!

OK, I know cycle commuting aint for everyone. In fact, there are days even can’t make it work. But I will tell you, if there is ever a time you can make it work, try it. More than once it has kept me from throttling that coworker or selling that kid. Life is just better on a bike, and honestly, weather NEVER makes a bike commute slower!

Like the wind!

4 thoughts on “How was your commute?

  1. Oh my god, no visual evidence of the humongous purple’n’white polka dot bra!!! Reading a post of yours without photos is like…it’s like…I dunno for sure, but it’s definitely not the normal read.

    Good on you, though, for riding in the rain. You’re a helluva lot tougher than I am! 🙂

    1. I agree I got done and it just looked weird!! I almost went out and found an old rain picture! AND alas who knows if I will ever have the bra opportunity again…

      Thanks for muddling through the post!

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