A very WET Bike Anywhere Day!

In May, the third Friday of the month has historically been Bike to Work Day. OK, I know, y’all are thinking “But Tony, almost everyday is bike to work day for you!” This is very true. However, this is a day set up to encourage EVERYONE to do so!

This year it was called Bike Everywhere day.  The theory, of course, being that ANY miles are good miles! (Which is true) but the festivities did revolve around the morning commute…As you read in the last post, it rained HARD the night before. However, the weather app indicated that yesterday was supposed to dry! I looked outside at 5 AM, and I even stuck my head outside. “OK! It looks dry!” thought I, and out came the rain gear.

Yeah, 3 miles downhill from the house, it started raining….

I stopped undercover of 3rd Place Books in Lake Forest Park and dug through the panniers!  OK, a warmer jacket! Not water proof but better.  The back up shoe covers! YES! and the helmet cover I thought I lost!  No waterproof gloves, but I was better off than when I started, so off I went!

Editors note: When I got to work, more than one of my team told me “I was going to ride, but when I saw the rain I decided not too…  Being a good bike team captain, I of course was supportive of their decision.  Inside though, I was puffing the chest!  A little rain does NOT stop me!

I should point out I was NOT on my normal 5 mile commute to Lynnwood.  NOPE, I decided it was a good day to head to Seattle 18 wet miles away! Why?


Free food!!  YEP, all along the trail were stands from different places.  There was coffee, donuts, scones, granola bars, fruit, healthy icky things made from quinoa and chia seeds and free stuff! It is honestly the only day of the year I take in more calories than I burn.

Editors note 2: Notice the water on the lens….  YEP it was raining!

The stand at UW had a bike operated blender set up for smoothies!


So yep, even though I was cold and wet, I had to have one! By the way, Sammi provided the power for blender.

Of course, as is par for me, the minute I got to work, the rain stopped!

I was excited to be there though, as for the first time, the Mighty P set up it’s own waystation


Your eyes are NOT mistaken, we had a bike was station set up! As you can see, this was VERY popular.


We had a line 6 deep at times.

One of the best parts, though, was just talking to the other riders.  At each stop, were others, just like me, out in the rain, enjoying the day. Those running the stands were in good moods, we riders were amped up on caffeine, sugar, and chia seeds (it was in the smoothie!) and we were chatty.

One guy, in fact the last to get his bike washed above, may have been the smartest cyclist ever. He took the day off. Why? He was doing a tour of as many stops as possible. Filling the saddlebags with give away items, eating great food, meeting people and loving the day! It was a face-palm moment!  How is it I NEVER thought of this!!  I know my plan next year!

I tried to put together snippets of the stops I reached, I am really liking the GoPro!!

The day was NOT over though, as I still got to ride home!

My plan was to leave early, as the Manchild was coming up for the weekend. Of course, that is the day one of the Execs decides to come down to my area and talk bikes…  He rides from Bainbridge Island to the ferry and then to the office. It saves time, money and stress, PLUS he is enjoying himself.

Now this is the one exec I don’t spend much time with, so honestly I do not know if he even knew I rode. We started talking and I mentioned I rode into do so he asked “How far will you be riding home?” When I told him 18 miles he looked shocked and said “That’s almost 40 miles round trip???” I just smiled.

Then he asked about clipped in shoes. I let him know I had ridden 10,000 miles before I switched.  He just looked at me funny then asked, “How many miles do you have now?” With my best “Tweren’t nuthin” tone and look I said, “Over 23,000…” then “Look at the time, Gotta go!”

I was still giggling some as I changed clothes.

Now I have told you time and again, the advantage to bike commuting home is that there is NEVER any traffic stopping or slowing you down. Well there is an exception to everything.  Who knew there would be a reenactment of the Oregon trail by a local elementary class


OK, I know its wrong, but all I could thing of was the old 80s computer game and wondering if they would catch dysentery or run out of food…  It seemed to always happen to me!

The rest of the ride was bright, sunny and dry and my shadow kept me company.


All kinds of riders were out now that the sun was, even this guy!


All in all, a great day! Hope some of you got to enjoy it too!

8 thoughts on “A very WET Bike Anywhere Day!

  1. Wow, those are some soggy donuts! And, wow, how fun to come across the school group reenacting the Oregon Trail! You definitely wouldn’t have had these experiences had you driven to work — but you already know that. 🙂

  2. I was thinking of getting a go pro, but now I’m sure I want one. My mom can’t ride with me because of a back surgery, and this would be the perfect way to share my rides with her! ….. I love your blog btw. 🙂

    1. why thank you!! I have fun with the blog. And I agree with your reason. My mom doesn’t ride but she LOVES the videos! She texts me after ever one I post 🙂

      Go for it! Get the extended battery though you will need it

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