You know there are hotels closer to the office right?

Over the years, the people I work with in Seattle and Lynnwood office have gotten used to my riding the bike to and from work.  They have even, for the most part, gotten used to me riding over 100 miles in a day, just for fun.

Because of this, I forget that those in Spokane, even though they know I ride, haven’t been exposed to my riding. A buddy of mine, Josh, posted the title of this post on my page. He has been a cyclist in the past, so I know he is kidding, but it made me giggle.

Others though, just look at me strangely when I say I am staying all the way downtown….

As I mentioned before, I did this on purpose.  Staying in Spokane proper, and riding to the valley is giving me 28 miles round trip. The first, not necessarily the best, but the first benefit of this is: No SPINBITCH or spinclass!

image image

I would MUCH rather ride outside, as we know.

The second benefit is I am acclimated to Seattle weather.  This means Monday afternoon’s rain didn’t slow me at all. In fact, I was one of the few cyclists on the trail that day. Yesterday, the sun came out, and it was HOT (musta been at least 70). I was riding back in shirt sleeves and shorts.  To the locals, it musta felt cold! (In their defense they regularly have 90 degree days in the summer) Most of the other riders were pretty much bundled up, jackets, long pants and one guy with a stocking cap.

Now that I finally know where the hell I am going with the route, I am also able to enjoy the third benefit.  I travel along the Spokane river and it’s just damn pretty!


When I leave the office, I travel through some pretty thick stands of ponderosa pines. The trail is secluded enough to allow the wildlife to flourish, hence the reason for the yellow bellies marmots, rabbits and birds that were all over the

Editors note: I had hoped to get a picture of a marmot yesterday, but with the nicer weather, more people were on the trail so I think they were a bit skittish.

At one point I have to cross the river on a pedestrian/bike bridge. This was my third time crossing, and I stopped to take a look at the view and noticed this.


Yep, people are turning this into a love bridge! It goes like this.  First you write your name or initials on the locks (I saw both). Then you lock the padlock to the bridge, kiss, and throw the key in the river.  The lock can never be opened and therefore your love will never break. (ok everyone go Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!)

As I continued on, I passed a park with people roping up and rock climbing a decent rock face! The photo didn’t turn out, so I will try again later. This is something I had never seen when driving to the office over here.

Near the hotel, I pass through Gonzaga University. This building stands out amongst the others when the sun hits it.


I had time, so I took a scenic route over the river to see what was on the other side, imagine my surprise when I found this!


When you do anything enough times, you get into a pattern or even rut.  I have been coming to Spokane for years.  Every time I am here,  I cross the river, then turn right to go into town. Had I turned left, even once, I would have discovered WSU Spokane was within spittin distance of me!  The bike helped me break that rut!

And, keeping to my stop and take a photo philosophy, there was NO way I could not stop for this!


Sundown over the Spokane river!

Folks, I don’t like leaving Michelle and being gone from home for a week. It sucks.  But I will say, bringing the bike was the smartest thing I’ve ever done on one of these trips. I am very much enjoying the rides!

Tonight, I go in search of Idaho!  Wish me luck!

Now which way is East again……

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  1. Good for you, mister! I agree that bringing a bike along on a trip is a super smart idea. I’m learning that, too — albeit slowly. Bicycling definitely enables you to notice things you wouldn’t otherwise notice traveling in a car.

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