Racking Up the Miles: May 2016

Way back in the early days of the 20,000 miles blog (back then it was 10,000 miles (true story)) I did my first racking up the miles post. It was a chance a sit back, reflect on the month, and remember all that had happened on and off the bike.

Since then, with the exception of one month last summer where I flat forgot, I have done “Racking up the Miles” post every month.  Sometimes it seems like a chore, other times its work to fill up even a paragraph.

This month is different, I am HELLA excited to do this post this month! Why? Read on…

Contrary to the title, these posts are honestly not normally about the overall miles.  So I will tell you the reason I am excited is not for the mileage total….  Though, spoiler alert, it was impressive!

Nope, the reasons I am excited because I had:

  1. 3 first time evers
  2. 3 second time evers
  3. 1 first time this year….

So where to start where to start….

Let’s work backwards!

The month started with the first 100 mile ride of the year.  It seemed like a good time to step up the game! I was up early on Sunday morning and waiting for the ferry to take me to Kingston.  I then proceeded to ride to Sequim and back. It was the perfect day for a ride. Nature was out, the skies were blue, as was the water and so were the herons.  I was tuckered at the end, but I did complete 104 miles.



image image image

During that ride I also hit a milestone number! I know, I know I am a numbers geek…


Now for the first second time ever…

We had a vacation this month, and Michelle and I were heading for Portland and then Cannon Beach.  I decided it would be fun to leave from work a little early (OK a lot early) the day before we took off and go somewhere I hadn’t been in years. So I drove to Tacoma and took a ferry to Vashon Island.  (I had done this once in 2008 but never since)

Once again it was a gorgeous day

image image

I had gone old school and printed out instructions for a loop tour.  Somehow though, I got off the route (not abnormal for me!) and just cruised around enjoying the sights.

image image image image

I honestly have no idea how many miles I got on this ride, nor do I care. It was the perfect way to start a vacation, and it was followed up by dinner at my mom’s. A great overall day!

The next day was the first of the First time evers!

My buddy Joe Kurmaskie had a book being released at Powell’s Books in Portland.


He organized a “Ride to the book store” for his friends.

image image

Except for the end of the STP, I had never had a chance to really ride in Portland.  It was a gorgeous ride along the River in town, and I am beyond bummed that the GoPro failed during the prettiest parts of the ride.  I did learn about Portland Bike fashion though…



We were off to Cannon Beach and 5 days at the ocean the next day,

IMG_2471 IMG_2454

On Friday I took off for the next second time ever ride.  Again back in 2008, I rode the entire Oregon Coast.  It was gorgeous.  On day 2 I had left Cannon Beach on my way to Lincoln City. On the way I detoured to the Cape Meares Light House


After which I got lost….  (seems to be a habit!)

This time I took off, with the final destination being the lighthouse. Michelle was going to follow and pick me up. I made a point to stop along the way for a lot of pictures.


IMG_2486 IMG_2502 IMG_2511 IMG_2500

At the Light house an elderly man from Germany rolled down his window and said “You GOOD rider!  We pass you 3 times, you keep moving! You good rider!” Loved it! Michelle had lunch and was there at the perfect time!

The third second time ever was riding into Ecola state park, near Cannon Beach. It was gorgeous

IMG_2567 GOPR0071-0002 IMG_2578

OH I also got some underwater GoPro shots!



I should sneak in here it was also Bike Everywhere Month, which included bike to work day!  It was a wet and ugly morning, and I had a blast.  Plus the bike got some TLC!

GOPR0076-0002 GP010076-0001 IMG_2609

The second first time ever is that I took the bike to Spokane for work last week! No spin class with Spinbitch trying to kill me this time! I will tell you, riding the Centennial trial over there is gorgeous! (OK yes I got lost again!)

image IMG_2618 IMG_2626 IMG_2630 IMG_2632

I will tell you being able to ride put me in a MUCH better mood for the week.  Then, finally the last of the firsts, I found and rode in Idaho! Something I had never done!

image image image image image

Thinking about it, my cycling this month took me to the Oregon coast, all over Washington and into Idaho. a three state month! Another first!! It was honestly a memorable and adventurous month. I truly enjoyed myself!

Now to the mileage total.  In the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that I did the math after a 2o mile ride on Monday. I determined that I needed 59 miles to reach 600 miles for the month. Yes, the competitive gene kicked in… (More importantly, Michelle, who at the end of April told me I could get 600+, looked at me and said, “You gotta do it!”)

I got a little over 5 going to work yesterday. That left 54….

I left work and started riding at 4 yesterday, and at 8:15 when I got home, I had 57 miles….

Yep, a new record 604 miles last month!!! More importantly, I have almost as many memories from the rides I took. I honestly can’t remember a better month of riding for a very long time.

I got on the saddle today for the bike commute to and from work, but I will tell you, after last night, today and mowing the grass (including the little old lady’s yard across the street) my legs are FRIED!

But it is a good kinda tired! Like the wind!

7 thoughts on “Racking Up the Miles: May 2016

  1. What a lovely month! Although the miles are definitely impressive, I’m glad that the 1st-evers, 2nd-evers, and 1st-times-this-year are what you decided to emphasize. 🙂
    And, geez, some of the rides that you did in May seem like FOREVER ago. The month seemed to fly by in my head, but reading your post slows the month of May down a bit. Thanks for that. 🙂

    1. I agree! I went back to look at the pictures and realized it was just in the last month Sequim and Vashon happened! That seems forever ago…

      and I might be a bit chest puffy about the miles (Ok I have a bragged a bit at work) but truly, the stuff I saw this month is MUCH more important!

  2. I started reading your blog this month, and I really enjoy it. I like reading about your adventures and get inspired to go out there and explore. Also it’s good to know I’m not the only one getting lost all the time.

    1. I am glad you are enjoying it, and my thinking is we aren’t REALLY lost, we are discovering places we never knew exists.

      Until one of us had to call someone to come find us… We ain’t lost.

      Ride like the wind and share what you see. If I inspire re is someone out there for you to do the same

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