The Egg Run

Like many of y’all, when the weekend rolls around, some of that time becomes errand time. Groceries, gas, drug store, or Costco, each has to be fit into a time we are not at work, hence the weekend.

Generally, Michelle and I make most of these trips together (everyone say “Awwwwww”) as its more fund to errand with someone than alone.  Today, though, I was left to my own devices as she had a class to learn how to weave on her new loom. (Yep kid you not, told you she was amazing).

I decided to pick up the bird food and eggs while she was out…Some of you might be wondering about the eggs, so allow me to explain.

When I first started dating Michelle, my palate was NOT too discerning. Today, except for coffee (the chewier and stronger the better) I have improved.  I like good wine (Not Cella), good beer (not Bud Light)  and good Italian food (NOT Olive Garden). It took a while to develop my tastes but I got there.  This includes farm fresh eggs.

Just looking at the yolks (in this case double yolks) shows how much better they look


These are not found at Safeway, but there are a few places we can go to get them. Our favorite is a place in Woodinville that sells fresh produce, great cheese and yep eggs!

As I was planning to go, I started thinking about stopping at the bird food store as well. I gotta keep the critters in the back yard happy.

The bird store is right on the way to the farm store, but then it hit me, both stores are along the bike trail! I could park at the first and then ride to get the eggs…

Yes, I know, y’all are thinking, “Uh Tony, you know eggs are fragile right? This may NOT be a good idea!” I thought the same thing, so I brought along a few things.

  • The large saddlebags so they could ride flat
  • A coat for each bag to cushion the eggs
  • Two plastic bags to contain the potential mess.

Yep I was off!

At the time I left, it was already 70 degrees outside, and gorgeous. In a car this route is boring.  On a bike though…



imageThere is a lot to see!

It was a perfect ride, the trail was a bit crowded, but it coulda been worse, it wasn’t too warm (yet) and the legs were feeling pretty good!

I will digress a bit from the eggs, to discuss the advantages of bike errands.  Of course there is the whole exercise part, plus the stress reliever part and the fact it is just more fun.  PLUS, on a bike, no matter what, there is always a parking spot.

The best part though, is you never know what you will see.  Today was a prime example. As I was cruising along, minding my own business, I happened upon a steam-powered boat club chugging up the river.

How do I know they are steam-powered?  Well check this!!


I really wish I woulda had the GoPro to capture the sound of the engines and the whistle on the top photo. I have ridden this route for 7 years and never seen this. Evidently most others hadn’t either as bikers, runners and baby strollers were all stopping to snap pictures.

Had I driven I never would have seen this!

A mile or two later and I was at the farm store and loading the eggs in the cartons. At this store, which is all about recycling, the eggs are in trays in the refrigerator and you put them into your own cartons.  This is a good idea as it keeps the costs down, but when you have someone as clumsy as I am, there is always a risk. Sure enough, I was almost done filling the second dozen when I dropped one!

DAMN!!  NOT a good omen…

I offered to clean it up and pay for the extra egg, but the lady just laughed at me and had me pay for the 2 dozen.

OK, GAME TIME!  I placed the eggs in as securely as I could, and headed back toward the car. I have done this same thing with 6 bottles of wine, and now, like then, I cringed every time I hit a bump….

I got back to the car, and decided to wait till I got into the house to check for any carnage.  The Manchild was home, and leapt to aid to check the eggs.  At first look, we were good. no leakage!

As we looked closer, though, he discovered I had not made the run completely unscathed.

imageYep!  One dented egg, but otherwise still intact and nothing disturbed on the inside!

I declare the mission a success! More importantly, it was a fun and memorable 15 miles.  There will be more rides to the egg store in the future!

Like the wind!

6 thoughts on “The Egg Run

  1. I would say that is an acceptable percentage on the eggs! And the little steam-powered boat was amazing, perhaps they were practicing for a historic re-enactment? We will see many maritime commemorations in the coming year for the hundredth anniversary of the Ship Canal. When the canal was created and the level of Lake Washington was lowered, that was the end of the steamboat era on the Bothell Slough. Up until 1916 boats had travelled down the Slough to Seattle, ferrying EGGS, milk, and berries to market in Seattle. The first continuous road from Bothell to Seattle was created as a better route. They must have found ways to carry the eggs without breaking them!

  2. Ah, what a fun blog to read!

    I *totally* love doing errands on my bike, too! For the exact same reasons you mentioned. How fun that you rode by a steam-powered boat club. Who woulda’ thought?

    And I love that you got your eggs on your bike! When we were in Patagonia, we were so hungry for good protein. Although we’d never done eggs while bike touring before, we picked up a half dozen in Cochrane and then set out on the 15 kilometers or so to our campspot, where we were gonna cook up the eggs. In retrospect, it wasn’t the brightest of ideas. Especially on heavily washboarded dirt-roads. I had wrapped every egg in a separate soft layer and put them snuggly in my handlebar bag. We still had some breakage. 🙁 Oh well, at least we didn’t have to spend the energy to scramble the eggs — the road had already scrambled them for us. 🙂 If you ever find yourself wanting to buy eggs while on a bike tour through Patagonia, I recommend hard boiling them the second you walk out of the store.

    Ride like the wind, Mountainstroh!

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