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I HATE work meetings, always have always will. And being Cold and Callous I hate the touchy feely meetings the worst. Team Building, getting to know you, in touch with each other feelings I just cringe…

So, when we were told to come up with our Native Genius, I had NO idea what to put. Native Genius is defined as:  something you do easily and freely – meaning you aren’t necessarily aware of it and you don’t often have to think about it.

Since I had no stinking clue, I cheated and went to Facebook for help….

One thing about my friends is they do NOT hesitate to tell me the truth. And I am good with that. So I knew I could count on them to come through for me. The following were the responses I received:

Clarity. When I hear anything from you, see anything from you, or deal with whatever it is you have dealt, it is very clear where you are coming from. I certainly may not agree, and it certainly may drive me nuts, but it is very clear and very consistent. That translates into integrity for what you do.

Teaching others, calmness in stressful situations, the ability to think on your feet and plan when everything is going to hell in a hand basket.


Suffer fools gladly? (One of my favs!)

Nothing stops you, can do attitude, “I’m going in…”, helpful.


Your native genius is a goofball (who really cares but I won’t tell that part Mr. Cold and Callous).

Do your eyebrows count? They are like a sixth sensory device for BS! (She might be on to something)

I think you put people at ease through your transparency and your desire to learn and acceptance of new ideas. Once people are at ease you can then influence them to processes and ideas that might be new to them but beneficial.

I don’t think the term “genius” can be used in any capacity to describe a Coug. (yes there is always one in every group)

You are always there, and aware! (Loved this one and used it as the official answer for the meeting)

Passion, meaning no matter what you do, you never do it half assed! (honorable mention here!)

You have the ability to light up a room just by entering it, the levity you generate and the ability to make anything work no matter what goes wrong gives energy to anyone else there. (Kinda doesn’t fit my cold and callousness)

“Yes we can do that, no worries!” Even though it looks impossible.

I have to admit, I expected many many more pain in the ass comments from my friends. Throwing it out there, and reading the responses just made my day! Thanks all for your help! Yall made my day!

The winner, in my opinion though, came from Rob. He cut right to the chase and found the essence of what is Tony.


BOOM!! That is all!

4 thoughts on “Native Genius

  1. What a great idea to reach out to FB for help in finding your geniuses! And how fun to read what others think of you! For being cold’n’callous, you sure do have a lot of warm’n’soft native genuises. I wonder what that says about you? 😉 Though you may not consider yourself to be touchy-feely, you sure have made me quite special as your friend. Thank you for that!

    1. I think my friends were mistaken 🙂 I am still waiting for someone to reveal my native curmudgeon!

      But thanks Sarah! You do the same for me! And you have since the first day I commented on your blog. You have a way of letting all your fiends know how important they are to you!

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