A run to the ocean

Ever look around and realize DAMN! the year is half over and HOLY CRAP! it’s already August! I’d been saying all year that the MC (previously known as the Manchild) and I needed to go somewhere just the two of us.  Michelle, thankfully, keeps me on track, and this last weekend was the time to do it…

We decided to make a run to Ocean Shores. It’s the closest town to us that is right on the water. YEARS ago, he and I had gone to do a beach cleanup day,


But it was time to go and just have fun!

I picked him up Friday afternoon about noon, and we hit the road heading south! Soon we were traveling a blazing 15 mph as we drove through Tacoma and past Fort Lewis. As bad as it was, I was happy to be there. Had I been any later getting on the road, we would have been at a stand still 30 miles back, Seattle area traffic sucks! As soon as we got south of Fort Lewis, it busted free and we made GREAT time.

We pulled into town about 4:30 and started looking for the Hotel. Now folks, in my family we have very few rules. We get along well enough we don’t need many. Of those we have are: 1) the toilet seat must be down especially in the middle of the night, 2) there will be NO boxed wine in the house, and 3) Michelle is in charge of booking hotels…

I relearned this weekend why rule number 3 is in place.


Travelers tip, if your hotel is also the towns only Uhaul rental outlet it’s probably NOT the best place in town! But for 2 guys who needed a place to sleep, it was fine!

OK, with the Kindle, 2 phones, GoPro and his laptop we DID have to go buy a power strip. The room only had 2 outlets….

That first evening we hit Red Genie Pizza (the tsunami pizza is AMAZING!) then went for the beach. Folks I was amazed. We just walked, talked, looked at the waves and enjoyed the early evening. He wasn’t bored, or complaining about no computer, he just seemed to enjoy hanging out together.

He was a bit of a ham though!


We went back to hotel and played a game of chess (he won!), and settled down to relax.  He was streaming his video games, and I was reading. I got restless though, as the sun started to set, and made a run for some pictures! They weren’t at spectacular as some from Oregon, but they were ok.

image image image image

Next morning, before he woke up, I did sneak in a quick 16 mile bike ride. I had to stretch the legs a bit! I found out Ocean Shores had a river! AND deer.

image image image image image

When I got back and he woke up, we jumped into the car to head for breakfast. The MC had found a breakfast diner called “Our Place”. I fired up the car, clicked the directions and read. “3 minute walk!” Off went the engine and we looked down the road…. YEP there it was! We walked!

We got there and it was a mad house! This place was popular, and the Ramrod was an older guy. He looked at us and said, “Table for 2, stay here I will find you!” MC and I just hung out and watched. EVERY worker in the place moved fast! There was no name list, but we knew he’d get to us.

A couple showed up right after us and the lady was NOT impressed. She asked me where the waiting list was, and I told her to just let the older guy know she was there. That did NOT reassure her, and even after being seated, she STILL looked like she had a prune face…

People the food was EXCELLENT! My omelet filled me up for the whole day and MC loved his cinnamon bun French toast! We went back the next morning!

After breakfast we went up the coast.  We had no plans, and just pulled in to check out different beaches we came to. Where the sand was firm we parked on the beach itself


Otherwise we just walked. There was just a lot to see!

Beached Jellyfish
Seagull struts her stuff!


image image image

We went as far as the road went, then turned back. I was bummed that one of the coolest beaches was off-limits. It belong to the Quinalt tribe and it was for their use only. There was no one there to enforce it, but it just seemed wrong for me to use their beach without permission, so sadly we just drove by.

I must’ve built up some good karma doing this though…

When we got to town, I drug us down to the rock jetty south of town


imageI know this will shock you, but I LOVE climbing and walking on rocks!

So there we were, walking out, checking out the water, and what did we see?


A gray whale!!!  Just off shore!  Ladies and gents I have been going to Ocean Shores since the 2nd grade, and NEVER have I seen a whale! She was just having a grand old time hanging out and putting on a show. After a while though, she dove deep and headed out to sea…  I was a very happy man!

The MC and I then adjourned to play a round of Putt Putt golf (I crushed him!) and then dinner before heading back to the hotel. We were both flat worn out, and if not for the americanos we got at the latte stand called Munchies (RIGHT in front of the Marijuana shop) we both woulda both fell asleep!

But I wanted to make one more run for a sundown picture or two. so off I went! I think it was a successful venture.

image image

I even got the moon.


Better yet. I just stood there and watched the waves. There were no thoughts, no politics or world events, no stress, no drama, no pain. Just me and waves. No one was around me and I just let it soak in. That is the joy of the Northwest Beaches. When you are there, if you let it, all outside pressures melt away.

I had the GoPro going, so I can share a bit of it with you. Notice I never spoke or really moved…

The next morning, we were up, had breakfast and were on the road! The poor kid was stuck going to a family gathering at the Mariners Game, so I dropped him at Safeco Field and mad a run for home.

It was a quick weekend, but with him off to college next month, who knows if there will be another. As we sipped our coffee at breakfast on Sunday, he said, “I really had fun, thank you!” And that was even better than seeing a whale.

Like the wind folks!


8 thoughts on “A run to the ocean

  1. That’s just awesome. Yes, we have a different level of acceptance with regards to living quarters. The woman at the restaurant … Wow, how high was her nose up high? Anyhow, looks like you had a great time. Love the MC comment 🙂

  2. Woohoo, sounds as though you had a great man weekend! At it didn’t even involve hunting or strip clubs!!! You guys are the best!

    1. I was sipping the morning coffee when I read the Stripper comment, almost spewed it out on the computer 🙂

      We did have fun! Over the years the kid has been annoying as hell sometimes, but he and I always had fun when it was just us two. I am really glad we went.

  3. The pictures were beautiful, I’m so jealous you got to see a whale! I crossed the Puget Sound daily for months and never saw a single orca whale. I swear I’m going to have to go on a whale watching trip and I WILL FIND THOSE WHALES! 🙂

    1. I have lived here since the 2nd grade (1972) and still have never seen an orca! But if you get the chance, go to the Oregon coast, get a room with a deck and a view of the water, and have a seat. I always see gray whales at least once on my trips down there!

      And I know you will spot them! Thanks for the compliment on the pictures! I got lucky!

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