The After Ride

So, the ride is over. I have cruised into Vancouver, completed my 195 total miles, and had my celebratory beer (or two) and dinner.


Ever wonder what I do after a big ride? 

Michelle taught me long ago that one should take the time to enjoy ones self after completing something like a big ride or a run. Much like we did last year when she completed the Santa Rosa half marathon


In honor of this, we spent an extra day and night in Vancouver BC! When I woke up Sunday morning, and realized I did NOT have to pack up the car and drive southI was a happy man!  Instead I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

I will tell you, our time in Vancouver seemed to circle around me and eating! I was HUNGRY!!

First order of business after we were up was breakfast. Our friend Kim taught us how helpful Yelp can be for finding places to eat.  A quick search and we found Scoozis a block away.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you right now, if you are EVER in Vancouver and want to eat breakfast THIS is the place to go! The owner (who I have dubbed Scoozi, whether that is his name or not)


Is always smiling, loud and happy to see you! We realized we found this place YEARS ago, during our honeymoon, and loved it. I had looked for it every time we went back.  NOW I got him!

I had a deep dish egg dish with ham, cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes that was amazing.  I shoulda ordered toast though, as I was still hungry. The best part of the meal though was Scoozi getting a phone call from an employee who was late. I couldn’t hear the employee, but Scoozi yelled (cuz Scoozi ALWAYS yells)

“You get here Boom boom! No! Wait! First your look good, then you get here Boom Boom!” It still makes me giggle!

Throughout the rest of the weekend I would look at Michelle and say (in my best Scoozi voice) “Scoozi say we go now, boom boom! Wait, no! First we look good!” It never got old… (She may disagree.)

We walked around town a bit, checked out some sites, but not too long later, I was ready for lunch. Al Porto in Gas Town came through. I ordered  the Seafood Risotto! OMG!! It was good!! Michelle made sure I did not lick the bowl! The server was amazing, and kept apologizing for the meal taking a while (it was their second weekend of serving lunch) She even comped us our second glasses of wine.

It made up for the people at the nearby table who had a 10 minute discussion with the server about how Not hungry they were and what was in the meal and how big was it and could they share and….  Hmmm maybe she comped our wine because we were NOT high maintenance! I did tip well!

We moseyed over to China Town and into a Chinese Garden.  I will admit, for a bit I was the annoying American, as I HAD to use the GoPro to take this video

After this, I was tired, and we headed back to the hotel. On the way we walked right through an open drug market. (Stay OFF Hastings street!) When we walked into the room, it was nice and cool and the bed beckoned.  Yes, I admit it, I took a nap!

When I woke up, you guessed it, I was hungry for dinner. We went back to Scoozi’s but alas they were closed. We ended up at the Ballagio Cafe. Don’t go there. The service sucked ass and the food was not that great. I ate my whole pizza, but the indifference and slowness of the server made both of us mad. She flat did not care.  And after the great service earlier in the day….  Yeah I never leave a small tip, this time I did!

It was back to the room and sleep, we had to go home the next day.

However, we needed breakfast!  SCOOZI!!!!  I ordered he same thing, but with toast this time. By some error (or divine intervention of the breakfast gods!) I ended up with my meal on pizza crust instead of in a dish. That may have been one of the top 5 breakfasts EVER! When I was done I was full!

BUT Scoozi came back, with a plate of honeyed baklava! He put it on the table and said, “Happy anniversary!” “But its not…”, said I. “Then happy Monday!” he replied…  Then I heard him in the kitchen, trying to whisper, “You said Table 16 was anniversary!!!”  I giggled again! Again maybe divine intervention? WOW it was good.

The trip home was uneventful, except for the border guard asking the purpose of the trip to Canada. When I told him I did the bike ride and Michelle came to get me, he said, “You are lucky! I would have done tough love! ‘You rode up there, now you ride back!’ ” “Don’t give her any ideas sir!”

He chuckled and waved us through.

Wednesday rolled around, and my legs (and yes the rear end) told me it was time to ride again. I decided to do a bit longer ride after work to really stretch them out.  I didn’t want to push too hard, so I just rode along the Burke Gilman trail. As I entered Marymoor park I saw this guy.

imageHe was using the wind to inflate his chute and seeing how long he could keep it there. “Huh!” thought I, “That’s pretty cool!” and then, “But, I haven’t noticed any wind?”

Then I turned around to go home….UGH, Week legs and a decent headwind. Folks that hurt! That 40 mile ride took a lot out of me, and decided NOT to ride until Saturday.

Saturday dawned, and the weather said it was going to be in the 90s! LORD I hate heat! So up early I was an off for another 40. I was not the only one awake.

image image

These guys kept me company as I rode.

What a difference in rides! My legs felt good, there was very little wind, and even the hills were easy. I was back to normal! Except for still being hungry. Michelle has started training for her next half marathon, so we decided to spoil ourselves at Diamond Knot for breakfast

imageWell worth it!

Tonight, with the temps being only in the 70s and cloudy, I did one more ride. A quick 22 miles, just to enjoy myself. Along the way I saw these guys!

image image image image image

Nature is SO cool! And the legs felt great, it was a fun ride.

So, lets review. After a big endeavor it is time for fun, food, drink and naps! Then on to getting back in the saddle and having more fun! Turns out, after 195 miles last weekend, I did 110 this week!

Bring on the Oregon Coast!

To quote Doc Holliday

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  1. What a fun read! It seems like you had one good fortune right after another (which makes it easy to overlook the few not-so-great aspects of the weekend).

    I LOVE the Scoozi guy. What a character! Though it’s fairly easy to envision him, why, dearest Tony, didn’t you capture Scoozi on your GoPro??? 😉

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