“The Knowledge” from Dave Barter

I posted this back when the blog was new. Today I got a comment from the author of the book, so I went back an reread it. I liked it enough that I decided to share it once again!

Oregon Coast Cyclist

I am reading a book titled Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder by Dave Barter, a biker in England.  I am enjoying it very much and will do a review when I am done, but this passage I felt deserved special mention.  He talks about bikers quest for “The Knowledge”, which is, and I am quoting him here:

The Knowledge has nothing to do with achievement, conquest or valor.

It’s not about rider skill, ability or speed and it’s got nothing to do with distance or difficulty of the terrain.  “The Knowledge” is the feeling of being in an uncomfortable situation, yet enjoying it.  It’s about taking pleasure from the participation in a sport that by design induces discomfort, yet learning to love it.  It’s the ability to lie there dirty, cold, wet and hurting and still feel privileged to be in that position.  the ability to feel a sense of sorrow…

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