Oregon Coast 2016 day 2 Just South of Cannon Beach to Pacific City

We survived the first day and after a great plate of Mac and cheese for dinner

and a good nights sleep, the next morning found us back on top of the hill ready to start day 2….


The lovely Kim and Michelle were there to see us off course!


OK, in all honesty, they were nice enough to drive us back to the top of the hill…

In addition to dropping us off, Kim helped adjust the seat to help keep the saddle soreness to a minimum.


As you can see by her hair, the wind was a bit strong that morning, BUT it was in our favor as it was a tail wind! Soon we were ready to go.

The night before, in discussing the route for the day, we developed a new term: Free Tony Miles. “Yes the total mileage tomorrow will be over 50 miles, but remember, the first 3 or so are ALL down hill! They don’t really count….” And sure enough, Rob had his first experience with a LONG down hill! He didn’t crank his pedals once during first 3 miles!

Ah, but the cycling gods are fickle! After finishing this part, there was a bit of an uphill, of corse, but on the next down hill the winds had shifted. We had to pedal going downhill, and that is just wrong!

Once again, I did have to stop here for a photo, this sign makes me laugh EVERY time.


Soon we hit the little town of Newhalem, crossed the river and turned ourselves south again. The cycling gods smiled on us and gave us back the blessed tail winds. We were easily maintaining 15 mph and more. It was a great ride.

We stopped in Rockaway beach for photo ops


And as you can see, Determined Rob was looking determined


As we went south of Rockaway, it became a nature ride. No lie, if I saw less than 25 blue herons, I would be amazed


I even saw one catch a fish!

Editors note: Only on a bike can you cover a long distance and still enjoy nature! No way I could have seen this in a car!

I also saw a kingfisher come out of the water,a salmon jump, and some kind of white heron.

Just north of Garibaldi are a group of rocks that just fascinate me. I made Rob stop so I could be a picture geek

img_3094 img_3099

img_3095 img_3096

Soon there after, we were in Tillamook, which of course means stopping at the cheese factory for, well, free cheese!


We took the self guided tour


As we were waiting for the ladies to arrive, I had an older guy with a cane notice I was wearing the RAMROD jersey.


He asked me if I had ever done the STP, and after saying yes, we talked for 15 minutes about cycling until the girls showed up. At a glance, you’d never know he had been a cyclist. But, the two wheels attract all kinds. It was fun to share our stories, and he seemed to really like reminiscing with a kindred soul.

After cheese, we left the ladies to get their ice cream and we headed south! The wind was with us, but DAMN the heat was growing. Plus, this is dairy cow country, we could smell them for miles, it is NOT easy to ride with the smell of cow, umm…. poop!!

South of town, though, there were lulls in traffic. So much so, Rob commented later. “I could here the wind in the corn!” He is learning that cycling is something you experience with ALL your senses!

After what seemed to be a long time, at least to me, we hit our cut-off, Sand Lake Rd. We turned right, and sure enough, the fickleness of the gods hit again with a headwind! But, we were off 101, and traffic was non-existent. It was quiet, and just plain nice. After climbing a hill, I could finally smell the ocean again!

After a killer downhill, we found the turn to Pacific City. Now the last time I road this road, I was a bit (ok a lot) dehydrated, tired and heat stroked, so I have VERY little memory of it! Sure as hell, the 3 or 4 miles I thought it would be, turned out to be 10!

We did pass something you don’t see everyday, a jet ski competition.


There were cars and RVs EVERYWHERE! But after topping the steep hill afterwards, we were finally 3 miles from town. As we bombed down the last hill suddenly in front of my was an UGLY speed bump! I slowed for in, then turned back to Rob and furiously signaled to slow down! He had NO idea what I was trying to tell him, so he slowed to figure it out, and then saw it! Coulda been ugly!

We pulled into the Pelican Brew pub and saw the southern Haystack rock


We had completed 53.9 miles, 1283 ft of climbing and at one point were 7 feet BELOW sea level!

We were tired and darn thirsty, so once again it was time for a beer! 15 minutes later the ladies arrived from their adventures and it was time for dinner! YEP, mac and cheese again! YUM!!!

We then adjourned to our rental house for the evening! We found it  was like the old pioneer days! No wifi, and the gas-powered fireplace ran out of propane! Shoot, it might as well have been the old Oregon Coast Computer game! Another day there and dysentery would’ve hit! But we sipped wine, had some cheese, and I got the paper journal updated!

imageAll in all a great day, and Rob rocked it!  Looking forward to day 3!



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