Oregon Coast Day 3: Pacific City to Newport

This was one of days I was most concerned about with my buddy Rob. It had 2 decent climbs, one to get into Lincoln City, and then one just before Newport. After day one, he was already a much better climber, but this was going to be a challenge for him. The challenge would have to wait though, until after breakfast!

We learned the night before that there is really is NO other place to eat but the Pelican Brew Pub in Pacific City AND that they serve breakfast! So we were there and ready to eat. There was magic in the words “Help yourself to the breakfast buffet!”

Long ago I have learned that a big breakfast will carry me for MILES! I loaded the plate! Soon I was very full! The service though was terrible. The coffee was never refilled, the busboy could only carry one plate at a time, and we had to flag down someone else for the check! Food? I loved it!

One thing I forgot to mention last night, was that eagle eye Kim spotted whales off shore during dinner. Sure as hell, they were out there today as well! An excellent omen for the day. Soon we were back at the house and ready to roll


Since it was a college football Saturday, we were each wearing our favorite teams colors.

The last time I rode the coast, I pretty much stuck to hwy 101, never veering off. This time though, after reading more about the trip, I decided we should take the Old 101 cutoff in Neskowin. Riding with a new rider, it had two main advantages.

  1. It got us off of noisy, traffic filled 101, making for a more enjoyable ride
  2. Even though it was still an uphill climb, it was a gentler grade.

Ladies and gents, I have NEVER been so happy with a route choice. As soon as we turned, the noise dropped immensely. There were streams, trees and fields, and maybe 4 cars total. In short it was perfect!

img_3117 img_3118 image

This was by far the longest (5 miles) climb Rob had ever done, but he did well! We finally hit the top and saw the downhill. I could see the relief in his eyes. I went over the top, and let her loose, I bombed down the hill! I took a glance in my mirror and Rob was nowhere to be seen!

Crap! Suddenly, in my head, I heard Maverick from Top Gun saying, “NEVER leave your wingman!” I pulled over at the next spot wide spot and waited. It wasn’t long before he was  there making decent time himself!


Sadly, all scenic routes come to an end, and this did too. Like a splash of cold water it dumped us onto Hwy 18 and a ton of traffic. We were soon on 101 again and had to deal with Saturday morning traffic coming into Lincoln City. After the big climb, I had us stop at the first gas station for more liquids. Plus it gave us time to recover from heavy traffic and no shoulders!

As we continued south, and got to Lincoln Beach, I could see clouds and fog moving in. UGH! I had decided to not bring a coat as it was toasty warm early in the day. I started to wonder if this would soon turn into a “Yeah that one time” story.



Luckily, a little farther along, we once again ran into the ladies waiting for us at Depoe bay. And the sun was back!img_3145

It is the prettiest little town, home of the worlds smallest harbor. The best part this time was a chance to watch the whales in the Bay, there must have been six of them splashing around, showing us some tail and having a good time.



After Depoe bay was the last climb, up to Cape Foul Weather. Once again, 101 is busy as hell, but for us on the bikes, we were able to jump off onto Otter Crest road. It’s a one way, one lane road, with a separate bike lane, the views were amazing.


I was worried a bit about Rob, the last climb had taken its toll, and this was near the end of the day. I shoulda known better, he motored right to the top


You could see forever on top!

image image image

img_3157 img_3158

We caught our breath and were ready to head down. I heard a guy in Oregon Duck clothes tell someone, “Well you know, it’s all downhill with a tailwind for those two all the way to Newport.” Under my breath I muttered, “Yeah lets see you pedal your ass up the hill with or without tailwind buddy!”

We had a great descent, and at the bottom I got my first “GO COUGS!!” from a car! We snuck over to Devils Punchbowl for a quick look

image img_3160 img_3164

And then had the last stretch. Newport!

imageJust before there, though, I hit a milestone! 25,000 miles!


Not bad for 8.5 years of riding!  I will soon be changing the blog name!!

My plan had been to break off from Rob at Newport and go to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, but the weather was getting worse, and I was getting hungry! We decided instead to just head for the hotel where the ladies were waiting.

About a mile away I heard “TONYYYY!!!” Our buddy Sean


Had made a road trip to the coast to have dinner with us! WAY cool!

We got into the rooms, and I went to take a shower, but I snapped a quick picture before hand.


Worst helmet head EVER!!!!!  I love this picture!!  Mom yelled at me for not wearing sunblock though…

Dinner that night was Rogue Ales!! img_3167

I big burger, a beer and bed!

I did wake up part way through the night to see this outside the window.


A great omen for the next day!

Overall 55.7 miles and 2562 ft of climbing. Day three was a great ride.


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