Oregon Coast Day 7 Port Orford to Brookings

AS I mentioned in the last post, getting to Port Orford was a struggle. The weather gods threw everything they had at us, those headwinds will be remembered for a long time! After the double cheeseburger, it was back to the room and to bed!

I was happy to know we had just one more long day left…

We got really lucky with the room. The Castaway by the Sea hotel is an older place, but it has a great view from its closed in porch.

image image

It would be an excellent whale watching place. It is also has a full kitchen, dining area, and bedroom downstairs. I love the staircase to the top floor.


And up there are two twin beds and a queen

image image

Michelle and I were woken up in the middle of the night by the wind whistling, but luckily. it had died down by morning,

As usual, I woke up starving!! She and I went to TJ’s Cafe for a 50 mile omelet. What is a 50 mile omelet you ask? Its one as big as a plate full of meet and cheese and able to carry a cyclist 50 miles without needing more food! Add hash browns and toast and I was a happy man!

After loading up the cars, Rob and I were ready to go.


Honestly I will go on record to say I was NOT excited to head out. The bed was warm and comfy, and it was cold outside! The legs were still tired from yesterday and 50 miles a day for 6 days is hard! But go we needed to do so go we did!

We headed out of Port Orford, not breaking any land speed records. It was a day no one really wanted to be moving. In fact I saw two turkey vultures sitting on rocks near the road! They couldn’t even be bothered to fly!

As we went along, an older guy flagged us down and told us about a turnoff up the road. We saw the place he was talking about, and it sounded cool. but the road climbed steeper and higher than 101, so we just couldn’t get ourselves to try it. Next time!

The route follows the water, and soon we could see the hotel from last night, it’s the white building on the bluff.img_3294


After this though, the route turns away into Humbug Mountain State park! This is a steady, but easy climb as it circles instead of climbs the mountain. Part way up Rob stopped us and said “I AM HUNGRY!!” and grabbed a snack. He hadn’t had a 50 mile omelet…

After the hill, we were making pretty good time. This was a very hilly route, and at some point in time, we ended up going back in time!

image image

Being loomed over by a t-rex does make one ride better.

We were soon back in the flats and riding along the water again heading for Gold Beach.

image image

It was still cloudy and cool, but there was no wind and we were making good time! We took the scenic route at mile marker 324 to get off of 101. It was quiet, bud had more hills, chip seal and cattle guards to cross! It was nice being away from the logging trucks though!

Just before the town, you cross the Rogue river.

img_3305 img_3306

It is a long bridge, with a decent amount of traffic.  I chose to use the sidewalk and Rob did the road. 3/4 of the way across, a semi, going the opposite way honked at him and the driver motioned him to move over. When I looked back, he had a Winnebago right on his ass! But we all crossed safely.

Town was full of cyclists. It is a stop of the Cycle Oregon tour, and the local high school was covered with their tents

image image

Rob and I agree, we liked the hotel route better….

After Gold Beach, is the mother bear of Oregon Coast climbs. Cape Sebastian. the highest point on the coast. it starts right out of town, and slowly climbs on to forever!  7 days ago, Rob would have thrown up half way up it! He has learned a lot and climbed it like a trooper!


As we headed down, the guidebook talked about one of the best overlooks of the coast. It was .3 miles off the road up a steep climb! decided to check it out! Rob said he’d meet me at the bottom. I made the turn, and shifted low! I saw three cyclists pushing their bikes to the top, but I was able to (BARELY) make it!

Sadly the first lookout was NOT worth the climb


The second, which was further down hill and thus required another HARD climb out was better!


It is a point of pride I rode both climbs! The ladies met me on top, and then went to the bottom of the hill to check on Rob.


All was good and the views below were great!


From here on we had 25 miles or so to go. We were tired, sore, but knew this was the last big day, so we pressed on. I will say the views were very pretty

image image


Sadly, though, the climbs were frequent and plentiful. On day one this would not have been so bad on fresh legs. Day 7? It was tough!!

We pushed through it though, past 2 ambulances that were hanging out waiting for cyclist to keel over! And soon we saw an Entering Brookings sign. Then we saw a Welcome to Brookings sign, Then another Welcome to Brookings, Home of Winter Flowers sign! Then a sign that said, “Brookings, 1 mile –> ” LORD will we ever find Brookings!

But find it we did, and we are in a Hotel, on the water and listening to waves as I type this. Dinner was great, and we have about 25 miles left tomorrow!

An epic ride and a great effort by both of us! The longest day of riding at 60.6 miles, and the most climbing we have done at 4322 feet! The sun was out when we finished and it was an amazing sunset!


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  1. Sounds like it was a challenging day! For me, I think the hardest part would be the gray skies. Fall is definitely here! Enjoy your final 25 miles!

    1. It was a tough one, and I am feeling it today! My sunburn nose did like the gloom though :). 25 miles to go and the legs can rest a day or 3!

      It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a trek like this, and I have a even greater respect for the stuff you do!

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