Oregon Coast Day 8, Brookings Or, to Crescent City CA

After 7 days of long rides, and high hills, our heroes were ready for the last day! The night before was in a hotel at the beach, which allowed me to get some great sun down photos


But the relaxing times was over and it was time to start the day

If you check any of the previous weeks posts, you will see we had plenty of great views of the water.  However, with cycling, eating, showering and working on the bikes, there just wasn’t time to walk on the beach.

With this being the last day, and only 25 miles, we decided to take off a little later. This gave Michelle and I a chance for a beach walk. It was fun walking on the sand and watching the waves.image image image image

But, as much fun as I was having with it, 10:30 rolled around and it was time to cowboy up for the last time. Stiff legs, sore backs and sunburned noses. Rob told us he had saved a clean bike jersey for the last day. As you can see, we would be hitting California!


The hotel was great (even if we could hear our neighbor snoring) but it was a steep, but short, climb on legs that were not warm to the bike route. We were puffing a bit when we got to the top, but the route took us on a side road, smooth and flat, and no traffic. It was a great way to start.

Less than 5 miles latter, we came to the border!

image image image image

Yep, we started in Astoria Or, right where the bridge enters the state from Washington, and now got out the other side! But, we were NOT done yet!


The final destination was Crescent City, 19 miles to go. We had talked and decided we were just going to stick to 101 the whole way. We’d seen the ocean, done the climbs, and he, I and my bike were tired. It was time to get this short section over with.

It always seems strange having to go through border crossing guards when you enter California.

For most of the road, we had a huge shoulder, and in places it was red. I’ve never seen a red shoulder before.


We had little or no wind, flat smooth roads and we were making great time. That is until we met her.


We had run into quite a few flaggers along the route. We would ride up to them, say hi, and let them tell us when to go. She was pointing off the road and said “The bike route goes that way. This is Hwy 101, I don’t think bikes can be on 101!”

Editors note: There were “Bikes on Road” signs, “Share the road” signs ALL along the this route. YES we were allowed to be there!

I said, “Ma’am we’ve been on 101 for 500 miles (a bit of exaggeration). “Well I am NOT a cop so you can do what you want, but the bike path goes that way, there is a sign….”

Rob decided to check the map and see if it took us out of the way. Otherwise we were going to leave her in our dust. The route was ok, so we decided to take it. It took us through the thriving metropolis of Fort Dick. We did pass a school at recess and the kids had these cool scooters they were racing around track. Rob convinced me it would be bad to be seen stopping to take pictures of children at a school….

We were to meet the ladies, and our buddy Mark at Starbucks in town, so we set Siri to give us directions to get there. We made it back to 101 and were flying! Rob says I get barn fever when we are close to being done for the day. I get in front and start moving.

We were less than a mile to go, almost to the city limits, and it happened


Yep sure as hell, after 390 miles, potholes, chips seal, brambles, and debris, 1 mile from the end, I get a flat!


OK decision time:

  1. I could stop and change it (did NOT want to, I was tired)
  2. I could call for a ride pickup (HELL NO)
  3. I walk!

Walk it was! There was no way I was going to call for a ride!

image image

We were at Crescent city!

image image

The girls were just a little way down the road and it was time to finish. I kicked it into high gear!


Notice the smile on Robs face! the man was VERY happy! We were done!

The last day was 25.8 miles and 427 feet of elevation.

Overall, it was (by my stats) 391.6 miles total 17,461 feet of climbing, hundreds of photos and ton of memories.

Latter that night, back at Mark, Kim and Rob’s place, we gave Rob his finisher medal!


Thank you Michelle and Kim for riding herd on us and dealing with our stink for 8 days, Rob, you rocked this ride, and I will ride with you anywhere!

2 thoughts on “Oregon Coast Day 8, Brookings Or, to Crescent City CA

  1. Oh my gosh, what a great post. I love it!!!! My most mostest favoritest photo on your whole entire blog is the one of Michelle and Kim posing with the bikes under the “Welcome to California” sign. Kim would have me convinced that she earned that photo — but Michelle’s face is a dead give-away. 🙂 What a hilarious ending to your journey! I think it’s fair to say that you’ve now completed a biathlon that runs the entire length of the Oregon coast (plus some). There’s something about that stretch that saddles the Oregon/California border, as my only flat on my coast ride was just as I was approaching Brookings. Anyway, job well done, boys! And great cheerleading, girls! Are Michelle and Kim, by chance, available for hire for another Pacific Coast trip? The job starts Wednesday. 🙂

    1. They let me know the bruises from throwing suitcases haven’t faded yet and guys last week were cheapskates! 🙂

      Last time my only flat was Coos Bay. Turns out this was a giant staple from hell. It was great to have them drive by with cattle bells along the way.

      I need to do a post on the great breakfast places I went to!

      Thought about you riding herd on so many people, one independent person was enough for me! My hat is off to you

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