Oregon Coast Day 6 Coos Bay to Port Orford

In the last post, I mentioned how boring the run from Florence to Coos Bay was. There just wasn’t a lot of excitement, or picture worthy opportunities along the way. Coos Bay is just honestly kind of a run down logging town, and even the freshness of a morning sunrise just can’t make it pretty,

However, the food and service at the Pancake Mill for breakfast went a LONG way to brightening my day. the ham and cheese omelet, hash browns and homemade jam for the toast I knew would give me some great pedaling power!

Rob and I started the day with some needed maintenance. Luckily he brought along a mechanic!


Once we had the chains cleaned and lubed, we hit 101 heading south. We had a couple of options. The guide-book we are using gave us a route through Charleston that avoided 101. However, it entailed us pedaling north. Rob and I have a firm rule this trip, we will travel South, East and West, but by gawd these bikes are NOT going North! So south 101 it was.

Well, without fail, hit a LONG slow climb south of town. Had this been day one, Rob’s heartbeat would have probably been 200. But, he has learned quite a lot in the last 6 days. I did make it to the top first and wait for him


But it was not long before he was coming around the last turn.


His climbing skills have VERY much improved!

The first town south of Coos Bay is Bandon. As we entered town the squeak on my bike was getting worse. It just so happened we came upon a bike shop, South Coast Bikes.


The owner took a ride on the bike and let me know I will soon be needing a new bottom bracket and the front wheel bearings need to be serviced. He said as long as I can handle the squeak, the bike should get me to California the day after tomorrow. As soon as I get home, a tune up will be happening!

As we rolled into town, I could not resist stopping at this fish. He is made up of trash that had floated onto the local beaches


It is sad to have so much trash, but I am happy something good has come from it!

Michelle and Kim were in town, so we met up for lunch. I was still VERY full from breakfast, so I passed, but I did eye the chocolate cupcakes the entire time I was there!

When we were down, we headed back to the bikes. Once again Rob learned the joy of cycling. A lady from a Harley came up to us and told us how much respect she had for people who handle these hills on bikes! She was amazed. It’s fun seeing a new rider have these conversations. It just reinforces how proud of himself he should be!

Now the last time I did this ride, I stayed on 101. As I read the book of all knowledge, though, it said finding beach loop drive was well worth the effort. I lead us off, confident I knew the way. I thought we were doing well when I saw Coquille River lighthouse.


Sadly though, the road petered out. I thought we were going to have to break the “Do NOT go north” rule, when Rob noticed a very steep, but EAST bound bike path. It put us right on the road we needed.

I will let you decide if it was worth it.

img_3267 img_3268 img_3269 img_3270 img_3271 img_3274 img_3276 img_3277 img_3280 img_3281 img_3282

I could spend a week just walking on this beach. Folks, if you have any chance to go to the Oregon coast take it. You can’t swim or sunbathe, but it beats any tropical beach anywhere!

Soon after these photos we were again southbound on 101! This is a strange part of Oregon. There are a number of places that sell myrtle wood (I have NO idea what that is….) and you see other weird things like this!

img_3284 img_3285

Make sure NOT to touch!

Halfway to our destination we hit the World Famous town of Langlois. (We knew it was world-famous cuz all the signs said so.) It was our last chance to water up before the push to the hotel. I ran into a rider there who asked why we were so lightly packed. After I told him we had two hot redheads driving along and setting up the hotels for us he just shook his head and said, “I am doing this SO wrong…..”

From here on things got harder… This is the Oregon coast, a place where you honestly have no idea what will happen. For the previous 285 miles, the wind has been pushing us along. Today, the cycling and the weather gods decided we needed to EARN our
ride. I just checked a website I like, and it tells me we had between 15 and 20 mph HEADwinds for the last 10 miles or so. PLUS hills, including a double hump! (A long up, short down and a second up!)

The whole time we were fighting this, I kept remembering this


I have fought many a headwind in my time, but this time Rob proved he is worthy of the title Cycling Warrior as well, we kept our heads down and pushed through it. On one of the last hills we hit 300 miles total!

When we pulled into town, we stopped to see where the hotel was. A lady came out of her store to ask where we were going. “OH, that is easy!” said she, “See that steep hill down there? Just climb it and you are there!” CRAP!!!!! One more climb in a headwind, but the hotel is great with an excellent view! I am glad we booked it last night, as there is no extra room in the Inn tonight!

We went to a place called the Crazy Norwegian for dinner, and I had the Uff Da! A double cheese burger with fries. It was gone! Great people work there and it was a fun night!

Totals for today 55.9 miles and 2422 ft of climbing!

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  1. Horses on the beach? That steep, eastbound bike path was *definitely* worth it! And, yes, I agree that you two definitely know how to do a long-distance bike tour. I gotta find me a hot redhead, too — someone who will lug around a full-sized bike stand for me!

  2. I am loving your posts Tony! Keep up the awesome work – you are doing the team proud and we love following you!

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