Food makes the legs go round

As we rode along the Oregon Coast, Rob and I saw some amazing sights. Whales swimming, waves crashing, gorgeous trees and great beaches. Most of the stops along the way were due to me wanting to take year another photo.


However, there were other things I truly enjoyed, the food! 

Everyone is different when it comes to riding. I for one like a big breakfast that can carry me for a lot of miles, then I snack along the day, and a big dinner. Rob on the other hand wasn’t big on breakfast, but did love dinner as well.

Shoot I love going to dinner at a place that serves breakfast all day! Pancakes are great for dinner!

At home, I will make a big bagel sandwich, and a lot of times eat it as I drive to the start of the ride. We didn’t really have the option of the bagel sandwich while on the road.  So for me that meant going out for breakfast each morning. My standby was a ham and cheese omelet and hash browns,


We sound some amazing places to eat!

Editors Note: I am personally VERY partial to Pig N Pancake on the coast! I have never had a bad meal there. But our friend Kim taught us the joys of using Yelp on our phones to find good new places. It works VERY well and Michelle has become a Yelp master.

Breakfast at Cannon Beach was at the Lazy Susan Cafe. It’s a small place, cash only, and the breakfast was good, but truly, the most memorable thing about it was the MarionBerry scones! I didn’t get a photo of it, but it would fill two hands and the berries were sweet, plentiful and huge! YUM!!!

In Pacific City, I was disappointed. There was only one place to eat, the Pelican Brewery. We love going there for dinner (in fact we did two nights in row) but the breakfast left a lot to be desired. It was a buffet, which was good, but it was expensive at $17.95 apiece. The offerings were ok, and filling, but it was not enough to make me go back. The service stunk! Our coffee was filled once and no one came back to check on us. Plus we had to chase someone down to get our check. I love this place for dinner, but will do my best not to go back for breakfast.

In Newport, it was my old standby, PignPancake! Of all the places, this was the smallest breakfast. But regardless of which one you choose, the service is great, the people friendly, and I had not had a chance to eat at the Newport one, I was very happy!

In Florence, Michelle used her mad Yelp skills and found a tiny little place called the Little Brown Hen Cafe. (no website). It’s a small little run down building, where you come in and seat yourself. It smelled great when we walked in, and he guy next to us said, “Try the buttermilk biscuit!” Ok I was expecting a Pillsbury little round thing. This was twice the size of the marionberry scone! PLUS homemade strawberry jam, AND a huge omelet! It was here I coined the phrase “The 50 mile omelet!” I was a happy boy when we left there!

In Coos Bay picked the place! OK, I got lucky, I saw the Pancake Mill on the way to Starbucks and looked it up on Yelp! One crusty old coot gave it a bad review, the rest were positive,  and we loved it. Big chunks of ham, lots of cheese, nice people and 2 types of homemade jam for toast! I may never stay in Coos Bay again, but I’d eat there any day!

Port Orford, did NOT give us much to choose from… But as we fought the headwinds into town the night before, I spotted TJ’s Cafe. When we checked it out in the morning there were a lot of locals there (A good sign) and we went for it. BEST OMELET ON THE COAST!! Huge chunks of ham, even more cheese. Michelle said it was as big as my head! After the hard miles the day before, and the longest hardest day of the trip coming up, it was perfect! One lady was handling the entire place (with the cook) and she was flying!

The last morning, I only needed a 25 mile meal, but I was still hungry. Plus Michelle and I were going to walk on the beach, Mattie’s Pancake and Omelette was the perfect choice. We got there before the crowds, the coffee cup was always full, and the meal was excellent! (the photo above was from Mattie’s)

I don’t know why I can eat big and yet still ride. If I did that as a runner I would be doubled over losing said breakfast within a mile. On a bike though, I can eat, unlock the bike, and head out without a blink of an eye. This was a hard ride, but it was also a vacation to be enjoyed. Breakfast was the time Michelle and I had to ourselves to enjoy each other with our meals. Plus, I never left hungry, and most days, aside from a bit of a snack, that meal took me 50 miles away to the next night’s dinner!  (Which will be covered later!)

Like the wind!

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