Food Makes the Legs Go Round, part 2

Yesterday, I took the chance to rave (and complain a little) about some great breakfasts I had along the Oregon Coast. The 50 mile omelets did a great job getting me on the road, up and over the hillsimg_3313and to our final destination. There is only one problem with this, after 50 miles the 50 mile omelet wears off and you get hungry again! The ladies soon learned that after we got to the hotel and showered it was time to feed us NOW!The first two nights were easy! Even though the breakfast at Pelican Brewery was my least favorite of the entire trip, they MORE than made up for it with dinner in Cannon Beach and Pacific City! Both days, I barely glanced at the menu before ordering the Mac and Cheese, and a calamari appetizer!


Rob had the Mac and Cheese the first day and was heard to say, “I think I liked it a lot, but I was so hungry that I ate it quickly and didn’t take the time to enjoy it!” Trust me, I enjoyed it VERY much! Highly recommended!

We did stop in Tillamook to partake in the free cheese line, twice.   Is it bad I would stab 3 or 4 cubes of cheese with my toothpick at each one instead of the normal 1?

This was our last Pelican Brewing on the trip, but I was excited for the next night. One of my favorite places to eat and have a beer is Rogue Ales. specifically Brewers on the Bay south of town.


The beer us amazing, and in the past I have always enjoyed the food. This makes it even more surprising that this was the least satisfying meal of the trip… Rob and I both ordered a burger with cheese and pulled pork. The menu made it sound HUGE!! It wasn’t…

I swear it was gone in three bites and I was looking for more food. Rob and I never discussed it, but this was the evening our buddy Sean joined us. I think we both considered sacrificing him to the stew pot for the good of the expedition… but we refrained.

The beer was good though!


Combine this with the fact that the omelet the next morning was the smallest of the trip, lunchtime in Yachats found me HUNGRY!! A shout out goes to the small grocery store in town. They had a pizza sandwich already hot ready for the grabbing! Essentially it was just a big pizza pocket, but that, combined with the snacks Michelle made me, got me through the day!

Editors note: We didn’t stop there, but I want to tell you about  Ona Restaurant in town. Michelle and I have eaten there in the past and the food is excellent as was the view of the river and ocean. Worth a stop on bike or car!

In Florence Michelle had found a place with Calzones. (I will ride 100 miles for a good calzone!) Kim’s mom though, recommended a place she really liked, so we were off. I was a bit concerned when:

  1. I saw Rob in a polo shirt
  2. Kim was trying to get reservations..

I was a bit short on clean clothes and I decided not to shave, but at least I was showered….

Turns out the fancy place was booked solid so we walked to 1285 Restobar and my meat lovers calzone! YUM!!!  We had wine with the meal, and server Mike did his best to spill an entire bottle on Rob, luckily Rob’s catlike reflexes saved the day.

It was fun, the only seat was outside, it was breezy and leaves and tree debris kept blowing past us. At times I had to cover the wine, but I considered anything that hit the calzone just extra salad.

Coos Bay was a hard day. Hills, not much scenery, and the Coos Bay bridge kicked out asses!


Kim had already chosen the place. Little Italy! it was probably the fanciest place of the trip, but on the Oregon coast baseball caps and shorts are considered appropriate for all establishments. Rob will admit this was the night he was too tired to make decisions, so we decided for him.

I didn’t hesitate. I hit the bread hard, a big bowl of Minestrone Soup and Spaghetti with meatballs!


Oh YUM!!!  The busboy took my plate so save me the embarrassment of someone taking my pictured while licking the bowl…

The next day was the day of headwinds leading up to a short but steep climb to hotel. it was time to eat. The front desk told the ladies we should try the Crazy Norwegian Fish and Chips. We got there and were lucky enough to get the last table! No wait!!

I ordered the Uff Da. It’s a double cheese burger, with onions, tomato and fries. The server said, “You are going to go for it huh?” In my head I thought, “You are cute!! Bring my food!!” but to her I said. “Yes ma’am! I am kinda hungry!”  Now THAT was a good burger! But it could have been a BIT bigger.

The last long day arrived, I had the biggest breakfast of all, which got me along the highest climbs and longest miles of the trip. it was time for a bit of a celebration. We were off to the Black Trumpet Bistro. Being the creature of habit, I ordered Spaghetti again. It came with meatballs or sausage. I asked if I could have half of each. She said, “No, but if you order the meatballs you can add sausage.”  DONE!!!!!

There is something about a yummy plate of meat and pasta that just makes a guy happy.

Folks, I learned a LONG time ago that I ride cuz I like to eat. Without the miles, I would be well over 200 lbs. Shoot with the miles, I am chubbier than I should be!


My ride on the coast was made better by the food, no question at all.  A happy tummy makes for a happy rider.  More importantly though, the ride was made better with the people who were enjoying the food with me!

image image

It’s a trip I will never forget and I hope you all get a chance to do it as well!

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