Time to sneak in rides

There comes a time every year here in Seattle when the seasons start to change. I know, I know, many people outside of Seattle think the weather always looks like this


And to be truthful, it looked a lot like this not an hour ago!

But it is not always like this..

From the beginning of July until, hell, the end of September or even the beginning of October, I can pretty much count on the weather being nice and sunny. In fact last weekend, this was the kind of day we had.


Editors note: I have been riding along this river for over 1o years. Just last weekend I learned this was a salmon stream. Sure as hell, looking down at the water from a bridge I saw 3 of them swimming up-stream.  I have no idea how I did NOT know this…

But I digress again!

This last week, and into this weekend though, the weather is starting to shift. The morning rides to work are MUCH darker. It does let me get to work and enjoy the sunrise though.


And now, for the weekend, both days have the forecast of rain! Yep, the wet weather is returning.

When we got up this morning, Michelle took off for the gym. Since it was raining, I kicked back with the journal and captured the last of the big rides for the year.


That’s another mind shift that happens every year. The goals of the year have been met, the exciting rides have happened and the memories are there. But now, it’s all commutes and keeping in shape rides. Not as exciting, but still fun.

Rain is NOT fun to ride in. I have done it


but it is NOT my favorite. Hunkering down was the plan today.

Michelle got back from the gym and let me know the rains had stopped. Being an excellent cyclist’s wife, and the wife of a guy who hates that he is gaining weight, she works hard to get my butt in gear when I am being lazy (like this morning). Today was no different.

“You said get a ride in…” “Oh I am fine…” And then she gives me the stern look (Knowing full well I will be unhappy if I don’t get a ride in)

Then she asks, “Do we have enough Good eggs?”

What are good eggs you ask?


These are farm fresh eggs that we get at 21 Acres farm store in Woodinville. It has great farm fresh fruit and veggies, some excellent cheeses, and of course, the eggs. It is just off the Samammish River trail. I like to grab the panniers, and do a good 20 – 25 mile ride, and get the eggs on the way. Its much easier to get there by bike than car…

Sure enough, I took off and the weather was dry. I even saw the sun! The headwinds SUCKED though. I went a little over 11 miles to the salmon bridge. I looked for fish, but with the rain, the river was too murky.

As I headed back the winds were now behind me. I was flying!

I pulled off, grabbed two dozen great looking eggs, and hit the road again. The trick to transporting eggs is a lot of cushion in the panniers and watching out for bumps. I have been doing this all summer, and so far I have been lucky. Nothing has broken. I did dent one…


But there have been no breaks!

You can see how much better they are.


Sure enough, I got home and the rains started. I will not get lucky all fall and winter, I know i will get wet soon. but at least today I snuck in a ride between squalls. 24 fast miles, dry AND we are having eggs for dinner!

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      1. Today is Day #20 of our 41-day ride. I’ll be back the first week in November. Can’t wait to stay in Seattle for a bit!

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