Tired of this election cycle!

The Mountainstroh blog is almost 4 years old. In that time, I have done only 2 posts that I consider political. Both of them involved a representative from my state (Washington) who believed that cyclists pollute the environment due to the CO2 they exhale when they ride. The harder we ride, the harder we breathe and the more we pollute…  (Dumbass!)

I made the decision NOT to use the power of my blog (Yes you may giggle) for this election. Rest easy, I am sticking to that plan….

Those who know me in real live life know who I am voting for and my reasons. I will not list my selection here. I have friends who are for the other one, some are diehard, some resigned. Many Facebook discussions have erupted (and I was unfriended by at least one person (THAT made me giggle)) because of our different views. (And yes I have poked the bear more than once)  I am HAPPY to say that even though those folks and I disagree (A LOT) we are still friends. When my person wins, I will be happy to buy them a beer!

Those who know me also know I am sick and tired of hearing the other person speak. So last night, when there was a debate I decided “HELL NO!” There has got to be something better I can do!

I know this will be shocking to you, but the first something better was a long bike ride!

Soon we will lose Daylight savings time, and I will get to work and leave in the dark. (cue the sad cyclist face). This means my long after work rides will be on hold until spring. So at 3:30 I saddled up and headed out!

It was one of those NW autumn days that started gorgeous. (The next 4 pictures were taken from the windows around my desk at work!)

img_3493 img_3494

And stayed nice throughout the day

img_3496 img_3497

But as soon as I left the parking lot, you could see and smell the rain was looming. A wet ride is still better than a train wreck of a debate, so off I went!

I wasn’t looking for a hard ride. I went up over the hill and down the other side to the Burke Gilman trail. I wanted to ride to Redmond and back. With the rain looming, the trail was almost empty. I love days like that.

I was cruising along and the rain I was smelling started to fall. CRAP! It wasn’t falling hard, and I had a good rhythm going, so I decided to gut it out a bit. Lord knows I am not going to melt with a little rain. So, with windbreaker and no helmet cover I blazed on! Luckily, it was a short shower. I did get a bit damp!

I hit the turn around point and started the return trip. I soon realized that with the sun going down and the damp jacket, I was cold. Luckily this time of year, the saddle bags carry a variety of clothing options! The insulated jacket felt much better.

On the way back, I had a better view of the trees around me. We are long on evergreens up here in the northwest, but we do have some leaves.

image image

I got buzzed by a coopers hawk taking the close up above.

image image image

The last picture at the river I shared on Instagram with the following caption.

“It aint about the miles pedaled, or how fast you get there. It’s about the looking around, taking in nature, and breathing!”

Nature decided to finally have its way with me, and the clouds opened up! I made it to a awning in front of a business and slipped on the rain coat, and helmet cover for the last uphill 3 miles.

I got home and it was time to eat. Michelle and I have been sampling some of the foods we bought in case the power went out.  I was a bit chilled, so the Progresso pasta in red sauce sounded like a quick, warm and yummy choice.  I guess 2 out of 3 aint bad. It was warm and quick. But honestly tasted like Spaghettios (which I loved as a kid but now?). It would work in case of Armageddon or a zombie apocalypse, but not for a normal evening meal…

It was only 6:30, which meant the debate was still on.

So after dinner, I hunkered down with Netflix and watch John Wayne in True Grit! (John Wayne makes everything better!)

So while others were griping and complaining, and getting mad, I had great evening, slept like a rock, and flat didn’t care. In the next day or so, the mail in ballot will be in the mailbox, I will vote for and hope my person wins.

I am DAMN glad this is almost over, and I am happy that once again, pedaling 35 miles put me in a happy frame of mind!

4 thoughts on “Tired of this election cycle!

  1. Good on you for spending your time more wisely than the rest of our country. I’m so glad I’ve been conveniently away from media sources for the last few months. (P.S. Are you familiar with the word “petrichor”? If not, look it up. I think you might like it. 😊)

    1. Love that! Both the word and the smell, and nope I had never heard of it.

      I agree, loved the 8 days of riding where the world could have ended and I would not have known. I am even more envious of you!

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