Two vastly different nights, with one similarity!

The last two nights have been, hands down, great! Last night (Thursday) Michelle and I had date night. We went out to eat at one of our favorite places, Arnies. It is right on the water in Edmonds, near the ferry dock.

We go for happy hour in the bar and try hard to get a window seat.

I won’t lie, last night, a group went in the front door ahead of us, but stopped at the elevator. Michelle and I RAN up the stairs! We got a window!! (ok they did too, but we got to choose the best seats! )

Today, I took off after work to take advantage of the gorgeous weather in late October


and do a long bike ride. Both nights were fun, but both had that extra piece: nature was out and showing off!

Michelle and I found Arnies back when a friend of ours had a work anniversary dinner there. We’ve been going back ever since. Last February, we ate dinner and got to see a baby seal hanging out waiting for mom to bring dinner.


I have said in many a blog post, I am very lucky to live where I do. If you take the time, look up from your iPhone for a while and just look around, you will be amazed with what you see!

Date night was no exception, we were enjoying our wine, waiting for dinner when I looked out and saw this guy

img_3514 img_3515 img_3516 img_3518 img_3517

Yep, just outside the window was a blue heron putting on a show,  I looked around the bar, and I swear we were the only ones who noticed.  I wanted to stand up and yell, “HEY!! Check out the heron!!” but somehow I am not sure they would have appreciated it! Michelle and I sure did.

When dinner showed up…

Editors note; The burger I had was EXCELLENT! Michelle loved her crab cake, but the cole slaw wasn’t all that great. The service was excellent as always!

Sorry for the digression, when the meal showed up, I started telling Michelle about a certain post in the water that a local bald eagle favored. As I pointed it out, I noticed

img_3519 img_3520 img_3521 img_3522

There he was!! Sometimes an osprey sits on his post. I have seen the eagle darn near drown the osprey! He does not like to share. After a bit another eagle showed up (his mate?) and they flew off across the sound.

When they did, I spotted one of my mom’s favorite things, a tugboat heading across the sound.

img_3524 img_3523

OK its NOT really nature, but I like it! So does mom!!

As we went to leave, tummies happy and nature fix fulfilled, I stopped for one more photo.


How can you NOT like a rainbow! Yep it was a great night. The best part was Michelle and I had date, some down time, and just hung out. However, the fact we both thought this stuff was cool and she didn’t mind me being a camera geek made it even better!

Tonight was a riding night. We will, tomorrow I am told, set the record for the rainiest October in Seattle. Let me tell you, that means it has been WETgopr0279-0001

But today was gorgeous, and Michelle told me to ride!

I decided to head up over the hill and down to the Burke Gilman trail. I knew it would be dark by the time I was done, so I wanted to minimize traffic issues. The trail is perfect for that!

When I left I was in shirt sleeves, it was THAT warm.

As I rode along, I snuck peeks into the trees. You never know WHAT you will spot. Sure as hell, I was rewarded tonight

image image

Yep, could be the bald eagle from last night was following me?? You know, I see these guys pretty regularly. You would think I would become bored with them. But I don’t! I have almost ridden the bike off the trail as they soar, and I ALWAYS stop for a photo-op. They are amazing animals and I hope never to become accustomed to seeing them!

I took a new spur of the trail, to see where it went. Remember when I said it had rained a lot this month? Well check this.

image image

Yep reached a dead-end! If you look close enough at the first pic, you will see a dead fish!! I decided it was time to turn around.

As I headed back the sun started to dip lower in the sky. I had already put on the light windbreaker, but it was getting colder and time for the thicker orange coat!

chilly Hilly 08

With that I was warm enough to keep going!

I was making good time, but as it got darker a strange phenomenon occurred.


Hundreds, if not thousands, of crows started flying over head. This was the most I could get in a frame! They roost, forming a murder (look it up) somewhere in Bothell. It is always creepy yet cool to see them all heading in the same direction.

As we all know, I ride in the dark for my morning commutes, so the fact the sun was rapidly setting didn’t bother me at all. Because of this, I didn’t mind stopping for one last photo! Sundown on Lake Washington!

image By the time I got home, I had covered over 40 miles and it was full on dark.

I will tell you true, there are times I fantasize about being a nature photographer. But, then I realize I would need a helluva more equipment than a point and shoot. So much so, that I probably couldn’t carry it on the bike. And, the chances of eating regularly would be pretty slim. So I will keep my day job, and make sure to carry the point and shoot camera on every ride!

The last two days have honestly pretty much sucked ass at work for both of us. Luckily, the cycling and nature gods did a great job of making it up to us! It was a great two nights!

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