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A Great Thanksgiving Weekend

Michelle has had a hard year. Work has been tough and busy. Plus she has had to ride herd on my bike and I all the way from Vancouver BC to Crescent City CA.           It … Continue reading

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His Heart Grew 3 Sizes that Day

Some people REALLY love Christmas! Both my lovely wife and my great mom are two of these people! Christmas music can be played any time you want, going to the Christmas store in Cannon Beach during the summer is perfectly … Continue reading

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Riding your age

A few years ago, I learned of a cycling tradition. On your birthday you are supposed to ride your new age. I kinda like this idea, as anything that gets me out on two wheels is a good thing. However, … Continue reading

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Tony’s Bicycle Theory

A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook. It was an article written by some dude I have never heard of and it was quoting his “Bicycle Theory” I was hoping to be able to read it later, … Continue reading

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Epic Shit Could Happen!

My apologies for the PG-13 language throughout this post, As we know, I am cold and callous. No really, its true. Ask anyone I know they will tell you. I will out and out  lie to get out of a … Continue reading

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End of DST

This time of year, I hear the same conversation over and over again. “Remember to set your clocks back an hour Saturday night!” Followed soon by, “I hate when it gets darker sooner!” (OK that second sentence comes from me!) … Continue reading

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