Epic Shit Could Happen!

My apologies for the PG-13 language throughout this post,

As we know, I am cold and callous. No really, its true. Ask anyone I know they will tell you. I will out and out  lie to get out of a work social gathering. Once, in Portland, I told a Co-worker Pam I was meeting up with the friend so I couldn’t do dinner with a group from the office.  I had a subway sandwich and watched Netflix. It was a great night.

I told her when we got back to Seattle and received an excellent stare of death in return (She does it well!) She make sure to MAKE me go the next time. (She got even too, it was a bigger group and had mucky mucks with them! I had to be on good behavior!!)

I tell you this because it spills over to my cycling. I ride alone.  Even on the Seattle to Portland with 10,000 of my best friends, I ride it solo. I chat with people in passing, or at food stops, but otherwise it is just the bike and I. In the last post I wrote about the Last DST ride, but I didn’t mention the conversation I had at the very end….

Yep, once again I was riding alone, It was a quiet and peaceful night, and I came to the last crosswalk from the trail that leads to the climb home. The road I have to cross is Bothell Way, and it is a busy main drag. It can take a while for the walk signal to change. But I was dry, warm and happy so no rush at all.

There was 19 or 20 something guy there with me, BMX bike, no lights, stocking cap instead of a helmet. We nodded to each other as I pulled up, and I settled down to wait.

As we were waiting, he looked over at me and asked, “Dude, may I ask what that thing is on your helmet?” (A very polite BMX biker I must say)


“It’s a mount for a GoPro. I knew it would be dark so I didn’t bother with it tonight.”

“Whoa!!” Says he (and yes he did sound a lot like Spicoli from Fast Times in Ridgemont High),


“Hope I am not being rude man, but why would you want a GoPro.”

I’ve had many people ask this before. Why do you have one? Do you like it? Is it hard to use? I held out on buying one for years, and finally broke down last year to do so. I have had all kinds of fun using it! I don’t run it every day, but when I do I have a good time reviewing the footage. Some of may best photos have come from the GoPro

gopr0279-0001 gopr0229-0001 GOPR0165-0010

But I digress.

Like I said above I am anti social, but I do my darndest not be rude either. So when people talk to me, or ask something, and genuinely seem curious, I am happy to answer.

So I went with the my normal answer. “Well I get great short videos, I can see what I may have missed as I rode, and the GoPro lets you pull snap shots out of the video stream to share with people….”

And then his eyes lit up and  went wide, as he shouted, “DUDE!!! Epic Shit could happen right in front of you and you’d have it on film!”

I am pretty sure I had an old fart chuckle and replied, “Yep! You never know when epic shit will happen!”

About that time, the light changed for us, and he said, “I’m going to save up for one! Thanks Dude!!”

That kid made me laugh all the way up the hill to my house. Who knows, assuming he survives riding in the dark sans lights and helmet (And how does that old saying go: The lord watches out for fools, drunks, children and Spicoli) Someday, there may be something epic that occurs, and right there in front will be Spicoli with his GoPro capturing it all.

In the interview afterwards, when asked how he got started with a GoPro, he will say, “Well I met this old dude riding his bike one night and I asked, ‘What is that thing on your helmet’……”

Like the wind folks! And watch for Epic Shit!


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  1. Ha, great story! I’ll admit, with election day tomorrow, I was expecting your story to go in an entirely different direction. Duuuude, maybe you should wear your GoPro all day tomorrow, just in case epic doodoo happens.

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