His Heart Grew 3 Sizes that Day

Some people REALLY love Christmas! Both my lovely wife and my great mom are two of these people! Christmas music can be played any time you want, going to the Christmas store in Cannon Beach during the summer is perfectly ok, and “Yes, you bet your ass there REALLY is a Santa Claus!” (Mom says: People who don’t believe in him only get underwear for Christmas! )

In the past, I have been much more of a Bah Humbugger! I don’t want any decorations in the stores till after Thanksgiving, and I hold off on Christmas tunes until December. Michelle has been great in making me like the holidays again, but its taken a while.

Today was different….

Today, even before the Mighty P put up the tree, they had the giving ornaments out for people to choose from. Kids ask for clothes and toys that they really want, and we as employees do our best to make sure everyone gets what they ask for. Michelle always grabs more than one. I try to get at least one.

Well she came over to me with a seriously sad face on part way through the morning. She tends to go for the older kids wishes as most people like to buy little kids toys. Well, she found one and came to tell my about it. “There is a 17 year old boy who wants a bike…”

I know I will be ruining my cold and callous image here, but that cut right through me. My first thought was, “Wow, every kid should have a bike!! This is just wrong!”

Then I thought, “Wow, I bet as he wrote it down, inside he was thinking: ‘Yeah there’s no way this will ever happen, why even try…'”

Then I was just sad. I knew I could go get him a Walmart bike, but that is just wrong. The last thing I wanted to do was get him something that would break in a week. I didn’t want to get him something too elaborate, but damn I wanted it to be quality and last. But that would take more than I wanted to spend.

“I wonder if we could get people to chip in and help on this,” she wondered out loud….

I know y’all have seen the How the Grinch Stole Christmas. There is the scene where he figures out what Christmas is all about, and his too small heart “Grew Three Sizes That Day!”


Well when she said that, that happened to me!

“OH HELL YEAH WE COULD!” I said. As a fluke, I had $50 in my wallet. I handed it over and said put this in the pot! “I am going to get his ornament!!!”

She jumped on the work email and I hit Facebook to tell this story. In a single day we have $300!

Using Craigslist, I know we can find a decent bike, a helmet and I will throw in a good lock! I am very happy!

Tonight, my mom kicked in the $50 that got us to hit $300. I told her what I hope happens.

Someday, someone will ask this kid what his favorite Christmas is, and I hope he will say, “When I was 17 we were really poor. All I wanted was a bike, but I knew it wouldn’t happen. But, I took a chance and wrote that I a bike was the present I wished for, even though I knew there wasn’t a chance.”

“Somehow, a real Santa found my wish, and I got the most amazing bike ever! I rode it for years until I donated it to someone else who needed it.”

Yes I know, its sappy…

But my mom didn’t miss a beat! She replied, “See! There really IS a Santa! I told you to believe!”

Never argue with your mom, or you wife (She tells me Santa is real as well!)

We will gather the donations for a bit, then I go shopping! When we have the bike I will be sure to post it.  I will never meet this kid, but thats OK. I know how a bike can change a life, I just hope this one can for him!

Like the wind folks! And damn if I keep this up I WILL lose my cold and callous reputation!

6 thoughts on “His Heart Grew 3 Sizes that Day

  1. Ah, what a happy story! I kinda wonder if you were to share this post with some bike stores in town (REI, Recycled Cycles, etc), if one of them might be able to help you out… At least with a discount or some bike accessories. Good luck, and thanks for sharing the cycling love.

  2. I think we all have post-election thirst for goodness and light. I find myself eager for the shimmer and shine of decorations, the lights, the music, it is so cheerful! May this season bring joy to all. Jingle bells and etc., bring it on, it’s so much better than……well, you know. I vote for Santa for President!

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