Making the Best of it

I love going places with Michelle. No matter where we go, we generally will park the car and walk all over the place. From Key West to Vancouver BC, Disneyland to Boston, there is NO way I could even guess how many miles we’ve gone.

I am the same way when I travel alone as well. In Spokane, unless I have driven and taken the bike with me, I will only use the car to go to the office, otherwise I walk wherever I want to go.

This week, I was stuck given the opportunity to travel with two coworkers to Nashville to observe a training program we might implement….

Those of you who read regularly know I am a very NON social animal. I avoid going to lunch or after hour functions with co workers whenever possible. The idea of traveling 1000s of miles with them and ‘hanging out’ sure as hell did NOT sound like fun.

Luckily, I have a loving wife who helps me make the correct decision when opportunities arise. So, instead of saying “HELL NO” I said, “Sure…. Sounds interesting…” OK, I will admit I changed seats when I checked into Alaska Airlines… We were all booked in a row…

We took off Sunday in the rain from Seattle and landed in the rain in Nashville!  We made it into the Hotel, I dropped my stuff in the room and took off for dinner. I found a pizza place nearby, and had a calzone, then took off exploring.

I have to tell you, it gets dark here even earlier than Seattle. By 430PM the sun is down. I have yet to see any of the town in daylight! As you will see in the photos.

I took off in the direction of downtown, and soon spotted this.



My first thought was that it was a castle. OK, I had no idea WHY there would be a castle in Nashville, but that is beside the point. Turns out this is Union Station, and it has been converted into a hotel.  More later on this…

When I looked further down the road, I saw flashing neon signs. So, even though it was still raining, I had to check it out!


I hit the honky tonk area of Broadway!

image image image









imageIt was just plain fun, as you walked by each one, live music was playing, people were dancing, and beer was flowing.  I was debating whether to pick one to go into, when from the corner of my eye, heaven arose…


YES! Jimmy Buffett’s Margarittaville. I have been to the one in Orlanda, Vegas and Key West. ANYTIME I am close, I go. I can sit, sip a beer, and no stress can get me. It is an oasis of peace and joy, and there it was! I had no idea Nashville even had one! I moseyed in, bellied up to the bar and enjoyed a Landshark ale…. Stress of the day was gone, and for the first time I smile!

The next morning was class. The only thing I will share with you is that the Nashvillians are VERY polite! This hangs in the rest room


I did my best to aim well!

Night 2, was NOT my time alone. With Michelle’s encouragement I agreed to go on a walking dinner tour. There would be food, and walking.  So ok…

We started, funny enough, in the Union station Hotel. This was cool! It has been completely restored! It was initially built to be the junction of two railroads, one of which was the Chattanooga Choo Choo made famous in the sound. (By the way, when it was first built it cost $100,000 to do so!) The inside was amazing!


image image image



We had a stuffed pepper with goat cheese here. Honestly, surprisingly good!


Next we were off to a place called the M Restaurant It is a farm to table place, using as many local ingredients as possible. Cooler still, at the end of the night, they invite the local homeless in to finish off any food that doesn’t get served. No wasted food here.

We had Chicken and Waffle plus a fried green tomatao (with pimento cheese spread) OMG YUM!!!



There was also a bit of art on the tour!




















Kinda creepy but I liked it! OK a food tour would NOT be complete without barbecue!


The Pit Master (we met him) had only one leg, so he named his place Peg Leg Porker. Inside is a sign that says “Order before you choose a table or we will break your foot off!” We were sure to order! The pork slider sandwich was amazing! Sadly the picture did NOT turn out…

The last stop, and but then I was getting tired, was for dessert. In Nashville, banana pudding, for some reason, is the go to dessert. Instead we stopped somewhere, no idea where, see the “I was tired” comment, for bread pudding with Ice Cream.


OK, not something I would order normally, but then neither was the goat cheese stuffed pepper! It was good!  I was glad it was the last stop, I was flat-out stuffed by then. It was time for bed.  A 1.5 mile walk back to the hotel, and I went straight to sleep!

Tonight, its was back to Margarittaville for dinner, my last night on my own, as tomorrow the people putting on the class will be taking us to dinner… Ugh  I mean, yay…

Here are just a few other pictures I really liked! Looking forward to flying home Thursday!

img_3061 img_3062 image image image






3 thoughts on “Making the Best of it

  1. Omg, that goat cheese stuffed pepper looks to-die-for! Nashville has never really appealed to me, but the write-up from your work “opportunity” makes the city look quite appealing. Glad you made the best of it, thanks to the support of your lovely wife. (Dang, where would you be without that girl?) 😉

    1. I would be in SO much trouble without her! Even remotely she has kept me out of trouble today!

      I am not a pepper fan, but I could have made a meal south of 3 mores of those, they were great! The people here are very nice, outgoing and they all say ‘HI’ on the street. I’ve been called Hun more times this week than ever before.

      This was never on my list to visit, but I wouldn’t fight coming here again. I did just check in and change my seat again though 🙂

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