Sometimes the Hubby has a Good Idea

Ladies and gents, I do my best. But lord knows, NO husband is perfect. Being guys, we are adept at saying, wearing or doing the wrong thing at a moments notice. Case in point, the time I wore cargo shorts, a tshirt and a Cougar Baseball cap to a pretty high classed wine tasting thing at the Barking Frog. When we were almost there, I noticed Michelle had dressed up. I checked out my shorts, sandals and tshirt and asked “Should I have put on something nice for this?” She just patted my arm and smiled.

In fact, today, our friend Mary told her she was a saint and would go straight to heaven as my wife. Lord knows it aint easy!

Sometimes though, I make up for it!

Every year Michelle and I do the Jingle Bell run/walk in Seattle



Every year its the same thing. We set the alarm early, get up, grab out stuff and head downtown. Then we find a place to park, walk a mile to the start, the whole time, braving the elements. Its fun, but it can be a bit rushed on the morning of the event.

Earlier this year, I was in Seattle and noticed how close the downtown Westin Hotel was to the starting line and thought how easy it would be to stay there for the run!


Then, since the event was months away, I promptly forgot about it. I redeemed myself though last month! I remembered my plan, booked the room, and we were good to go! It would take 5 minutes to get to the starting line!!

After we booked it, it turned out that the Manchild would be staying with us that weekend after finishing his finals. Funny thing, after two weeks of stress, he was perfectly ok with having a house to himself for a night. After buying a Papa Murphys for him, Michelle and I were off!

Our plan was to get there, check in, and run around Seattle a bit to enjoy the lights, have dinner and just have fun. After my being gone for a week in Nashville we deserved time together doing fun stuff!

We got there and found where to park, Brilliant me thought, “What the hell, lets Valet park so I don’t have to worry about it!” HOLY CRAP!!! that was $57!!! I didn’t realize it until the next day…  Wow…. Oh well too late now….

But I digress! We got there, and checked into a room on the 27th floor.


The room was a bit stuffy. Being winter, the hotel had switch the air to heat, so I couldn’t get it to cool off. PLUS the window were closed permanently with safety latches. However, our hero ALWAYS has a swiss army knife!


A little work with the screw driver, and we had an open window! (Mary heard about me doing this which is when  she said Michelle was a saint! (HEY I fixed it before I left and I did NOT rappel down to the starting line! That’s gotta count for something!))

We left the hotel and went over to Pacific Place to have dinner. It was early, so we first hung out at a wine bar for a couple of glasses. The window looks over Seattle and is directly across from a Jean Juarez salon. Every seat was taken, but I couldn’t resist snapping this shot. Her hair was fascinating!




Hopefully she is NOT a blog follower!

We went to head for dinner, and were serenaded by a full choir


They were pretty darn good!

Dinner was OK, but we had fun. Next time we will pick something other than Il Fornaio. But with full tummies, we were off to explore the lights of Seattle! The Westlake Mall tree and the Bon (OK OK Macys! but I still call it the Bon) star were gorgeous!



We also decided to do something neither of us had ever done, and rode the holiday carousel!

image image img_3092 img_3087


It was fun! Honestly I have no idea when I last time I rode one! Michelle had a HUGE smile!

Afterwards we headed further downtown toward Pike Place Market.

Confession time… I was COLD!! And I never get cold! I drug Michelle into the Mountain Hardwear store . Won’t lie, with the wind whipping, I gave this outfit more than one look!


but I settled for a stocking cap that will work with my bike instead! It made a world of difference!

We walked around for about an hour, went into a couple of shops, but mostly just enjoyed the lights!

image image image image image

Seattle does an excellent job of getting into the holiday spirit.

Sure enough, instead of getting up somewhere around 5 AM, I was able to walk to Starbucks at 630, leisurely sip our drinks, and still meet our group at 8:10


I love Renees Santa Dress! image image

You can tell it warmed up some, I was back in shorts!

What I like about our team is we all take off at our own pace and skill. We had one runner, Jill, who Ubered in, ran in less than 30 minutes, and ubered home. The little guy Liam and Mom, were finishers of their first 5k. No one cares how long it took, I am damn proud of them!

Michelle hit the starting line and her long legs just stretched out! I was hard pressed to keep up with her! I slowed her down a couple of times to take some pictures.  The line of tutus here made me smile.



And I love the fact the fire department medics were on 2 wheels!




Even with the stops, we finished in 56 minutes! For me that is DAMN good, I cycle not run! And this year we got medals!


BUT the Christmas spirit was quite done yet! There were live reindeer!

image image

How cool is that!!

We went back to the hotel, Michelle took a bath and I read and relaxed! This let all the runners finish and the roads reopen. We then checked out, and leisurely drove back home.

Honestly, it was a great way to spend the weekend and do the Jingle Bell. We may have just started a new tradition!


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