Rough Week for the OCOB 2016 crew

September last, the OCOB (Oregon Coast or Bust) crew started south from Astoria Oregon to Crescent City California.  Rob and I were using leg power to get there.


While our faithful Sherpas, Michelle and Kim had to use every muscle in their bodies to schlep all the luggage and the gear into and out of the hotel everyday.


Aside from sore legs, arms and a few bruises from the equipment, we all escaped injury free. A very successful trip!

But then January hit…

Its been cold and icy all month here in Seattle. I can bundle up fine to ride, but, as a rule, ice and bikes do NOT go well together. Last week, the weather broke. It warmed up, the sun shone, and roads melted, and I was able to get 65 miles in two days. Better yet, it was supposed to stay warmer, which meant I could ride to work. I was happy.

I woke up Monday, walked outside and it was 38 degrees. Compared to the mid 20s of the week before, it was downright balmy! I saddled up and headed down the road…

Things started well, it wasn’t cold, the stars were out, and I was enjoying the ride. To get from my house to the trail, there is a steep hill to ride. I started down with no issues when suddenly the back wheel went squirrelly. I was trying to keep it slow, and in control, but there was a sharp turn, and a solid sheet of ice….

CRASH AND BURN! The wheels slipped right out from under me and I slid across the road. OK, first order of business, get OUT of the road. Done.  Check the bike! All seems to be ok. Damn, ripped my favorite bike pants. After a quick check, I had nothing broken, so I was ok to keep going.

I walked down the hill, hit the trail, and started off again, DAMN!!! Suddenly I realized my cycling glasses were no longer on my face. So I turned around, parked the bike, and walked UP the hill to look for them. (I will NOT tell you the words that came out of my mouth when I realized it). Luckily, right where I fell, in the middle of the road, were the glasses, intact, and the mirror was still attached!

When I got to work (after a bit more ice later) I checked me. Skinned knee,bruises on hip, and a bit stiff and sore. Given the circumstances, I can’t complain.

The next day comes up, and on Facebook, we see this photo from Kim.


CRAP!! What happened. Well Kim and company (along with most of the rest of Western Oregon) have been hit hard with snow and freezing temps. Sure as hell, she walked outside, hit a slippery spot and went down. In trying to catch herself, the result was a distal fracture of the radius at the wrist. OUCH!!!

The worst part about this is Kim is a blue ribbon winning knitter, as well as a fibre spinner extraordinaire, and now a weaver. All of which requires two hands, especially the right hand.  We are hoping for a speedy recovery for the girl!

Then friday hit.  I was a stuck on a conference call at work, when the cell rang, it was Michelle. Now normally, we text, especially when one of us is stuck in a meeting. The call was muted immediately and I was on the phone with her!

She was walking across the yard, and tripped over a mole repelling thing I had put in the yard. Being the dumbass I am, I never even thought about someone tripping…

She hit hard!


In addition to the shin, she also hit her elbow and shin…

We iced the shin last night, and it seemed ok, but this morning, it looked bad and hurt worse (elbow and wrist are sore, but getting better)


We hit urgent care when they opened at 8. With the flu being rampant right now we did NOT want to go the ER. The urgent care was an excellent idea. We were the first ones there, and saw the doc in 10 minutes.

He walked in, looked at her leg an said. “Yep, that is going to hurt like hell!” The guy truly was funny, and quick. The diagnosis was broken blood vessels causing pain and bruising, As time goes on, gravity will pull down the blood and cause the whole leg to turn pretty colors. But, no breaks at all, which is good news. Ice and big doses a Alieve  are called for.

So to recap, in one week, 3 of the 4 members of the team have crashed and burned HARD!

Rob!!  Be careful buddy!!

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  1. Wow, that is one rough week. Take it easy there … to quote my favorite Eagles song. We’ve been pelted with so much rain here

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