The things we do to stay in shape!

Once again I was called upon by the Mighty P to leave the land of year round (well for the most part) cycling and head east to the wilds of Eastern Washington. Yep, I had to make the run to Spokane again to train some new hires, molding them into my image.

For those of you who do not know, Spokane is in the midst of its snowiest and coldest winter in years….

Being the conscientious trainer that I am, I know better than to fly in Monday morning for my class. This time of year, you just never know whether the early plans will fly or not. If they don’t, then it could be Wednesday before I got there, making the class a bust. To make sure I was there on time, I left Sunday. I HATE being gone from home an extra day, but we do what we have to do.

Things were much different from the last time I was in town. Last May, it was perfect cycling weather, so I drove over with the bike and logged quite a few miles.


This time it was a bit different…No Bike.


Even with the bike crash here at home oa couple of weeks ago, I have been doing pretty well with the rollers in the house keeping the legs in shape.


With the trip to Spokane though, my only option was the dreaded spin class lead by the EVIL Spinbitch! Her sole purpose in life is to break me… and damn she tried this time…

I decided, for reasons that truly escape me now, to do the 5:45 AM class. Maybe I wanted the evenings to be free to read and relax. Or maybe I was just stupid. Either way I signed up for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning. Worse yet I paid for them.  Being a cheap SOB, if I spend money on something, I will rarely miss it. So at 5:20 on Monday morning I was in the car.

This is what greeted me…


Just in case you didn’t see it, the upper right says 1 degree F! That is seriously butt-biting cold!! And I was up for a spin class I hate.  But Spin I came for and spin I did! I still say it is easier to ride 100 miles in a day than to spin…

That day, I commuted to the Spokane office in freezing fog.  I am very glad I rented a 4-wheel drive! I believe the high that day was 10…

The next day, I drug myself out of bed and repeated the day before. The temperature was all the way up to degrees! Spinbitch decided to celebrate by working us harder. It takes an evil woman to that to a person, and smile the whole time…

That drive to work was accompanied by snow! Not a blizzard mind you, but still coming down.

I was excited for Wednesday. NO spin class! I got to sleep in for a bit, then went outside to… Freezing rain… The car was covered as were the roads, and the airport was closed. For the first time ever I say traffic slow in Spokane, and at least 10 cars had gone off the road in shot 8 miles to the office. Once again the Jeep was great, and got me there no problem.

However, the parking lot was a another story…  No exaggeration, it was an unbroken sheet of ice from the car to the door of the building. Luckily, Michelle had convinced me to ship my hiking boots over with my training material. It was a slow shuffle, skate, walk but I made it inside without falling. (Some of my co workers were NOT so lucky!)

This day was the beginning of a warming trend though, the sun came out that afternoon!


So by the time I went home, the roads were much better.

In fact, the next morning, it was a damn near balmy 28 degrees! The down side? When ice starts to warm like this, it gets slipperier! The easy walk to spin from the parking lot almost had me flat on my rear. Only my cat-like reflexes saved me!

The third spin day, Thursday, was the worst. I must have REALLY looked bad in the back row, as Spinbitch called me by name to make sure I was still breathing and alive. Hmm, maybe she does have feelings.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. I made it to the airport on time for my 4:30 flight Friday. Normally I try to get an earlier one to Seattle, but this time I am glad I didn’t. Those on the 3:30 were delayed until AFTER the 4:30 (with me on it) took off! Even the traffic home from the airport was good, I could not have asked for a better flight home.

It was a great weekend as well. I got home to Michelle, who is healing from her fall. Her entire leg has turned different colors (Doc says its ok) and she has been able to get back in the gym.

I got 2 rides under my belt OUTSIDE!! Finally!! A total of 54 miles.  Sunday was a bit damp (OK A LOT) but I needed it.

And, to make things even better, Nature came out in force for me this weekend. First, on the bike trail, was this guy, striking a pose.


It was more fun because a lady and her son, just this week, had come here from Australia. It was their first walk, and there he was smiling at them. She said it was the perfect way to come to America!

Then Sunday, I looked out the window to see this guy on the power pole behind us.


This is a Pileated Woodpecker. They are native to the northwest, but I have only seen them a handful of time over the years. This is the first time near my house!

All an all, an eventful week. I survived, I exercised, and nature I spied. I am so glad to be home though!

Like the wind!

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  1. But is the Spin bitch good looking :p. There must be some other reason why you’re willing to endure her torture

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