Today was NOT that day!

There are times, on long, hard rides, that thoughts slip into your head. (That is not to say I don’t have thoughts regularly mind you!)

Sometimes snippets of books you have read will be mulled over, sometimes its day dreams of beers and hammocks of days gone by, others its past adventures with good friends


And sometimes, it’s about things to come. Every now and then I wonder “What will be my last ride?”

Now don’t go down a rabbit hole just yet. I am NOT worried about getting run over or anything. But someday, its gonna happen. There was the last attempt at Mt Rainier, the last State Tournament for Darts, the last summer party at the Whiteley’s and even the last New Years Tackle Football game at the Devitt’s!



Someday, many miles and years in the future, I will have hung up the bike. Instead, I will be telling “The legend of Tony” stories to anyone who will share a glass of wine with me.  Shoot, it could be I will tell the stories so often,  will have to buy the wine!



No it was not!!

Last week was a rough one. (Well aside from Valentines Day dinner with my lovely bride! That was fun!) Otherwise it was rough.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday I had to endure a DEEP cleaning of my teeth with my hygienist I “lovingly” refer to as the “Butcher”. (No lie, she has a whet stone in the office and sharpens the scrapers when I am in the room!) A deep cleaning is my own fault. I need to floss MUCH better and have 3 month regular cleanings…

Then Friday, since I hit the 50s, i had to have a colonoscopy…  Without any gory details, all day Thursday it was VERY important to be seconds away from a restroom! Then after the procedure, Friday, I was banned from riding and driving till 9 PM… (I am all clear by the way)

So today rolled around, wet, windy and rainy, and I DID NOT CARE!  It was going to be riding day!

Michelle made us breakfast and took off for the gym (She had a 7.25 mile work out yesterday in the rain, today was a dry day!) I puttered around the house while she was gone, watching the rain, and trying to figure out when to take off.

Somewhere I must have gotten distracted, because after she got home, I looked up and the sun was out! Yep, to quote John Wayne I was “Burning daylight!” meaning wasting time. I gave Michelle a kiss, and got the bike on the car.

The weather was still iffy, so I decided to just do a quick 30 miles along the Burke Gilman/Sammamish River trail.

The ride started well, less than a quarter-mile into the trail, I ran into these three.

img_3972 img_3973 img_3974 img_3975

Yep, one adult and 2 immature bald eagles! I stop every time I see just one, there was no way I was going to pass up 3!

The sun was shining and the weather perfect for the first part of the ride.


Wouldn’t you know it though, at the turn around, the point FARTHEST away from home, the rain started! It has got to be some kind of cycling law that makes this happen. Luckily, though, the squall was blowing me toward home once I did turn around. It allowed me to get ahead of the rain and back into the sun. (It was following me though! After I got home the skies opened up again!)

We Seattle cyclists are tough! Check out the feet of this cyclist (who passed me by the way) and her plastic bags. We don’t let a little wetness stop us!


With the tail wind, I FLEW home. I was averaging 18 MPH, which for me is The Wind! The air was fresh and clear, the birds were singing, and I had the sunglasses on. Aside from that little squall, it was an excellent ride. I am very happy I got outside.

So yes, someday I will sit a lot, and look through my Journals of rides.


I will tell stories of my most adventurous trips, epic crashes and favorite memories. I know a sad smile will cross my face as I  there will be likely be no more rides or new adventures for me.

But I will tell you now, that day WAS NOT today, and it is DAMN sure not going to be for quite a while. There are many miles in these legs, and when they start to possibly give out, there are even more miles in this heart! The heart can carry you along long after your legs and mind thing you are done! There are places to see, hills to climb, descents to ride, and places no one I know has ever taken a bike. Hell, I might get tired of blogging before I do riding!

So I will leave you with this: It is ALWAYS a GOOD day to RIDE!


8 thoughts on “Today was NOT that day!

  1. Ah, love this! Nearly brings a tear to my eye. :’) We should make as many wonderful memories (cycling and otherwise) as we can while we are able. That way, when our bodies give out, we’ll still be able to enjoy our memories. 😀

  2. Two brain surgeries did not stop me but a spinal fusion slowed me wayyyyy down. I could no longer ride my road bike due to … never mind…BUT I can ride if my back is ramrod straight upright. And so, I swallowed my pride and bought an old farts bike. That hurt..that hurt in a way only a fellow cyclist would know..and so I went ‘old fart bike’ all the Giant has a bell, a wooden rack in the back and Nantucket basket between the handlebars. I live near the beach so it works. Odd, I’d rather someone would think it was a fashion accessory choice and not some old fart going for comfort. I spilt a few tears until I came up with that fashion choice. I went from riding 60 miles easy (former century rider) and now, now if I can get 6 miles the gods are smiling because I’m on a bike!

    1. I will tell you right now, whatever it takes to keep me on two wheels (hell 3 if necessary) I will do to keep me rolling. 6 or 60, it means the sun on your face and the wind past your ears.

      My hat is off to you, and I hope I can be half as tough if I ever have the surgeries you have endured!

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