The Scenic Route

Its been a long busy WET month.

Halfway through the month of March we have already received our average amount of rain. As I type this, its is raining now, and will be raining tomorrow as well!  UGH!!

But this is NOT about the weather, it’s about a father and son taking the long way home…

The Manchuld’s spring break started today.Well, technically, his last final was Tuesday, so it started then, but today was when I went to go pick him up. He goes to school at Western Washington University, about 75 miles north of our house in Bellingham. I could have had him find a ride, but going to get him gave me an excuse to cut out of work early! When high noon hit, I was the wind!

The drive up was unexciting. The brief 18 hours of clear weather gave way to rain again, but traffic was moving, and I got there about 2 o’clock. (Remember, in Seattle if you are doing 40 MPH in a 60 zone, that is “traffic moving!”)

The Manchild was ready to go when I got there, and we were soon packed and gone. The trouble was, I just did NOT want to go back down I-5 again. Its boring! So I got a wild hair. “DUDE!”, I said. “Lets cut over to Whidbey Island, go over Deception pass… (shown here in better weather)

and catch the ferry home!”

He didn’t seem all that Gung-ho until I said, “There is a pizza place in Langley I’ve always wanted to try!” Well, to most males, the Manchild and I included, pizza is a magic word! He readily agreed, and we were off!

Have you ever been on a Dad road trip, or a Dad hike? Well, I remember my dad on both saying, “It’s not that far at all!” or “It’s about a half hour away!” I always wondered, after the death march or marathon driving session that ensued, why he would say that….

Well now I know. Its cuz he had a wild hair and wanted to do it. Looking at a map was silly! How far could it be?!?!  Well, I just plugged it in to Google maps… it was 86 miles….

But, at least for me, it went quick. We talked, he read the news to me, we enjoyed a much better scenery, and, aside from a 5 minute stretch, traffic was doing the speed limit! It was MUCH more relaxing for me! But the poor kid was getting HUNGRY!!

Well, a couple of hours after we left, we pulled up to Village Pizzeria Manchild looked at me and said. “This better be good or we are going to talk!” (yep he was smiling! for the last half hour we had been joking about dads DRAGGING kids for hour drives JUST for pizza!)

This is a picture of the view from the pizza place. Tell me it wasn’t worth the drive!

AND the Neapolitan Crust deli meat pizza, 16 inch was a crowd pleaser! DAMN GOOD! There are only two pieces left! During dinner he looked and me and said. “Thanks! Dinner is great, but it was really fun hanging out with you all afternoon…” OK, I might have smiled for a while after that.

We took off from the pizza joint and headed south to the ferry. Somewhere the boat gods were smiling. Not only was there no line at all, the boat was just pulling in when we arrive! While we waited, the Manchild decided enough was enough, it was time for a nap!

The boat ride across the sound was fast, and traffic home, again surprisingly, was good!

OK, taking this route was MUCH longer, but in all honesty, I think both of us will remember it for a long time.


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