Bite Me!

I am far from an expert. Now normally, a person who types those words is referring to a certain thing. For example, I am far from an expert on spring fashion. When you are mountainstroh your spring, summer, fall and winter wardrobe is made up of Levis 501s, polo shirts (for work), tshirts, hoodys,  cargo shorts and gray sweats. I wear sandals year round, and when it gets cold I sometimes add sandals… sometimes

Now me, I am not really an expert on anything.  I know a lot about some things, and just enough to get in trouble about others. I’ve got enough knowledge about the Bible to ask annoying questions, and I’ve read enough science fiction to hold my own in many a science discussion.

After 27000 miles on the bike (I hit that milestone today) one would think I would be an expert on most things cycling, but once again, today I just don’t get it…

I was reading an article on-line about cycling, and the building of bike trails in the future. I know some cyclists who turn their noses up at bike trails, preferring roads. I LOVE exploring new roads, but a convenient bike path that just happens to be going in my direction is a welcome sight! Shoot some of my best pictures come from the bike paths.

Sorry, went on a tangent there for a bit…

After reading the article, I made the mistake of reading the comments below it. Now, like I said, I have been riding for a little over 9 years and 27000 miles. That is a helluva long time in the saddle, as well as a lot of trips. After all that, you’d think I’d be used to what people think about us cyclists. But, once again, I was forced to just shake my head.

The very first comment was this: Robert Dill Perhaps bicyclists should be trained, licensed, registered, and insured. Then, they can pay for bike lanes.

I just really don’t understand this attitude from non cyclists. (I won’t say car drivers, cuz I drive one too.)

What people don’t get is most cyclists own cars as well. We all pay tabs, and gas tax. Just like the complainers do. So yes, my money, as well as Robert’s is going to the building of bike lanes. In fact, I think Robert owes me some money. I do MUCH less wear and tear on the roads, and put a whole lot less pollution in the air (I won’t say none, every now and then I do fart while cycling). Since I cause less damage though, he should pay me back for all the pot holes he helps create.

I love when they say, “Why don’t bikes have to buy insurance like a car does??” When I hear that, I politely explain to people that bikes DO have liability insurance. If a person has homeowners or renters insurance, any damage a bike causes is covered. In fact, most of us have MUCH more than the state minimum many drivers have.

Since most cyclist have a drivers license, we are trained in the rules of the road as well Bobby there. In fact, I am betting the Bobster doesn’t know the drivers manual in Washington states a car should give 3 feet clearance when it passes a bike. If there isn’t 3 feet, the car has to wait until there is. We know the rules of the road just fine.

And would someone please tell me why a bike needs to be registered. Unless its to help build a data base to recovered stolen bikes, it serves no purpose.

Time and again, I hear drivers lament piss poor cyclists, and lord knows I have seen them as well. Shoot, I film them with the GoPro and post them on Facebook when I can. Bad cyclists give the rest of us a bad name!

And I am no saint! I have screwed up from time to time, no one is perfect. I have been honked at, flipped off, and pulled over by the cops. All due to legitimate things I have done wrong.

But I have also had soft drink cups from McDonalds thrown at me, and had people yell at me to get the “F off the road!” One guy pulled up next to me and paced me for half a mile yelling at me. I told him to get a bike and it would put him in a better mood. Kinda pissed him off! All this because I DARE to be on the same road as a bike.

Now I am going to stereotype here a second. Most of those who seem to dislike us cyclists the most tend to be (this is strictly from my observation of them in person) 1) overweight, 2) smokers and 3) drivers a big ass gas guzzling trucks.  HUH, maybe they are jealous…

Like I said above, I know there are bad cyclists, JUST as there are bad drivers. But, if more of us that could would saddle up and ride to work, traffic would be SO much better. Plus, more people would get to wherever they are going smiling!


PLUS my commute never get bogged down by traffic!  Oh well, I will let the cranky be cranky, flip off those that are jerks, and know that the bike of mine keeps me healthy, and makes me happy.

But I’d still like to tell the Dillster to “BITE ME!!” in person.

Spring is here folks! Dust off the bikes and ride!

3 thoughts on “Bite Me!


    I agree wholeheartedly; I don’t understand the anti-cycling mentality. Then again, there are a whole lot of mentalities I don’t understand, especially with the current political regime in our country. One thing I do know is that I chucked out loud when I read the sentence about your occasional gas emissions. You’re a hoot…especially when you write about your toots! :O)

    Bikers unite!

    1. Well in the interest of full disclosure I couldn’t say I have zero emissions!

      And read a post not long ago where people were blaming cyclists and bike lanes for the traffic back ups the day the tanker rolled over and closed I-5!

      I will just keep shouting to the wind! As I break wind!

      1. Uh…yeah…cyclists are *totally* to blame for traffic backups. [Insert eye roll here.]
        Keep breaking the wind, Mountainstroh!

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