Just say no…

With rare exceptions (like the guy who gets to shoot off canons to start avalanches) I am willing to bet most people don’t really want to go to work everyday. That’s why its called work! (Don’t get me started on those who say, “I don’t go to work, I go to play. My job is fun!”)

Work serves the purpose of letting us earn money, so we can go do what is fun!

In general, I like my job, but if given the choice of going to work or going for a bike ride… yeah I think you know which one I’d pick. One thing I dislike the most about work, though, might surprise people. I really do NOT like having lunch with people…

It’s not that I don’t like my co-workers. A few are some of the best friends I have ever had. Others I get along with very well. Most I can at least tolerate exchange a few pleasantries. There are a few who drive me nuts, but I make a point to avoid them whenever possible. I would bet this is the same for many of you out there.

Given this, it’s not the people (unless one of those in the last category are involved) that keeps me from wanting to have lunch with people its honestly me! (Why do I picture a bad breakup scene on TV “Ashley, it’s not you, its me, really….”

But in this case it is true.

I work hard. I got there today at 6:30 AM and finally saddled up for the ride home at 5 PM. So when it comes to lunch, it’s the only part of the day that is MY time. I make a point to find a place to sit with a view, whether in the Seattle office

Or Lynnwood

Shoot even Spokane

I open the kindle, read, eat and watch the world go by. Its 20 minutes of no work. Then I sneak in a quick walk around the block.

I am not rude. I say hi to those who walk by me, or nod to those who smile at me. But, I take over the entire table to make sure no one mistakes politeness for inviteness! I also go earlier than most, which gets me out of the line of fire of that one particular co-worker who ALWAYS wants to eat lunch with someone.

Folks, no lie, I have been known to sneak out a back door and head for Taco Del Mar if I am cut off from my lunch bag and a quick exit by chatty-go-to-lunch co worker.

Then there is the dread of all dreads…  The unit lunch…. Over an hour of ‘chatting’ and ‘connecting’ and ‘getting acquainted’… No lie, I would rather have a filling done at the dentist. (In fact, I may have honestly ‘accidentally’ booked myself for a dentist and had to skip a unit lunch once….)

Why is this coming up now? Because last week my boss, who I genuinely like, called me up and told me I was to book a unit lunch in Seattle for this week (it was to be tomorrow….) I know the theory, if I book it and pick the place, I will enjoy it more…. Good theory, but no….

Well I booked it. (Teamplayer Valente they call me) When out of the blue, the lunch gods smiled on me! I got notice of a new employee, starting this week!  YES!!!  New students trump unit lunches every time!!

Editor’s note: I make a point to skip the first day Supervisor/employee lunch as well. I feel its important for them to bound, and, well, I don’t wanna!..

I had to send a quick email with my regrets! Meanwhile, I will admit, I was happy dancing!! The lunch was moved to today, and it was close to 90 minutes long. I woulda been spittin nails..

In all honesty, even though I am loud, can hold a conversation, and can make people laugh, I am seriously an introvert.  Sitting and chatting, small talk, is torture. I try to find a place at the table closest to the exit, and leave as early as I can to walk back to the office. Being part of the training department, which is made up mostly of people who LIKE to be social, this is foreign to the rest of the team!

Being at my regular table today, alone, reading my kindle, while the unit lunch was going on, made me VERY happy!

Now there are a few exceptions! Michelle and I work together, she is ALWAYS welcome to have lunch with me.  I very much enjoy our Taco Time runs! Every now and then we get Coni to come too! Love that!

Then there are important lunches like the one for Mary who just got laid off! It was today as well, and I was looking forward to it, but with the student I just couldn’t. That one would have been fun (but then Michelle, Coni and Mary woulda been there!)

Those who have worked with me long enough understand that if they ask me to have lunch I will just say no. Its not meant to be rude, and I tell them thanks for asking, but some people just like to eat alone!

So if you see me chowing down, feel free to say HI! but chances are I won’t invite you to sit down and chat…..


6 thoughts on “Just say no…

  1. Oh my! Yet another thing you and I have in common! I highly recommend retiring — you can eat your lunch your own way every day! 😉

  2. Even if folk talk cycling? But the bit I like in this is the typo, especially the idea of the Supervisor/employee lunch folk bounding, images of kangaroos spring to mind!

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