Cannon Beach 2017 Part I

Monday morning dawned, and Michelle was up and raring to go after her half Marathon. How ready was she? Well after walking 13.1 miles the day before, she popped out of bed, put on her workout gear and went down to the workout room for a recovery elliptical machine session.

I drug my ass out of bed and went to Starbucks!

After saying goodbye to everyone, and grabbing some books for our library at home from Kim and Mark, Michelle and I were off to the coast! 

We were not rushing our packing at all, but as we hit the road I noticed we were heading out right as we hoped, 10 AM!  It would take us an hour to get to the ocean, then another 30 minutes to Lincoln City. Nope, we were not on a strict schedule at all, but we knew by 1130 we’d be hungry for lunch. And we wanted to stop at the Inn at Spanish head to get it!

The lounge and restaurant on top has great views and food. Since we were relatively early we got a great seat.

On the way to the coast, the weather had alternated between sun and pouring rain. The winds were high and the surf pounding. In fact, we got hit by salt spray as we went through Depoe Bay, and I just saw some rust on the chain of my bike!! (sorry I digress)

At the restaurant, the weather was holding the same. To the north it looked nice

To the south though, we could tell a squall was coming!

Sure enough, 10 minutes later…

But we were snug and warm on the 10th floor, having a great lunch and a glass of wine. I was quite happy to let the rains fly.

As we traveled north, though, it started getting brighter.  We had the occasional rain, but in general, the weather was improving. By the time we to Cannon Beach it was pretty darn nice. We were renting a small VRBO place that said it “Did NOT have an ocean view, but that the ocean was right across the street.”

I was expecting a serious hike from the front door, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this view 27 steps from the front door!

I love having a view of the water from the room, but this was less than half the price of a view room. AND we can hear the surf. A great choice!

We got unpacked, and in the room. Finally, my dynamo of a wife was bit tired. A long drive, after a morning workout after a half marathon finally wore her out! We turned on the gas fireplace, poured her a glass of wine and she was relaxing.

I, on the other hand, was restless…

I grabbed the camera and heading for the beach.

This guy was NOT so smart, the tides, wind and waves were pretty damn sneaky.

This little one was with her 12-year-old sister and 7 year brother when they got caught by a wave.  The brother ran, but the little got knocked down. Big sis got her to safety easily, but she was soaked. Next thing I knew, she was shucked down to her diaper and running to home. Big sis was picking up clothes and trying to catch her!

You can hear the wind here.

I came back to the room to warm up a bit, and made a run to the grocery store. I also had to replace camera batteries and charge the phone. Michelle was happily warm under the covers, watching HGTV, feeling the beach relax! I hung out with her for a bit, then went back for sundown pictures.

It was cold and windy, and I HATED coming back in… But finally the sun was gone and it was time. I headed back to the room, turned on the fireplace, and sipped a glass of wine as I looked at the pictures. It was a great first day at the beach. (Michelle was happily snoozing)

I crawled in bed and crashed hard.  LOVE ocean sleeps!


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  1. And I LOVE your Cannon Beach blog posts! I will never tire of seeing photos of this part of the coast–The Haystack, the emotional sky, and the sometimes violent waves. Enjoy your visit!

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