Cannon Beach 2017 Day II

Remember yesterday when I said Michelle was up before me and rarin to go? Well today was a the same. I was hard asleep and when I opened an eye she was sitting up in bed staying in touch with the world on her iPad. I, in turn, did what every lazy hubby would do, and reclosed that one eye and went back to sleep! It wasn’t time to wake up yet! 

Fast forward an hour or so, and the tummy let me know it WAS time to awaken! For our first day at the beach we headed for the Pig n Pancake!

No matter where we are at the Oregon coast, the Pig’n Pancake is on our MUST eat list! Yes, it’s a lot like a small town Denny’s, but better. The people are friendly, and the pancakes are DARN good! I had the short stack while Michelle had the 2 eggs over easy and hash browns! YUM!!!  That plus coffee got the heart moving again.

Since the place we are staying is perfectly located, it was a walk to the restaurant and back. We decided to then take our mugs to the best the best coffee place in town, Sleepy Monk Coffee! Had I NOT eaten already, I would have totally pounced on the bleu cheese & bacon scones or the giant maple bars. But I refrained at just asked for coffee. They lady gladly warmed my cup with hot water and told me to taste away on the vacuum thermoses of coffee until I found one I liked! Michelle had a London Fog (earl grey tea and steamed milk) Love that place!

When we got back to the room, we decided to head down to the beach for the morning walk.

As you can see, the sky was blue, but the waves were still crashing!

Haystack, though, looks great in the morning sun

As we walked I remembered meeting a lady last year who taught us how to spot puffins in flight. One of these days I will get one on camera to show y’all. Michelle and I spotted some  and saw where they landed. Some quick work with the zoom and

As we walked back, I noticed a view I had never seen before.

The rock with the lighthouse in the background just reminds me of a fantasy novel with castles, trolls and magic. Love the ocean.

Now, if you look at the photos of Michelle up above, you will notice her footwear. She was born at the beach, a native coast kid! So she was prepared for the wet, cold and waves.  You would think after all this time and trips to the beach, I would be too.

But during this GoPro event (in which you see Michelle’s boots doing well!) I wasn’t paying attention

The shoes were soaked! (We did walk 4 miles though!)

Well, there are options. I could hide out for the week and not go on the beach. (not gonna happen!) I could just deal with wet shoes (done it before! But don’t wanna) The final option was to go on a quest for boots! (Wellies they are called)

As we walked the town, checking out stores, we kept an eye out for boots for me. At the Hardware store, we a nice lady after she yelled “Make way! Lady carrying 75 foot hoses!!” Who directed us to the local grocery store! Sure enough, pay dirt!

I am becoming a coast kid!

Lunch was fish and chips and dinner the pelican brew pub! I am SO going to have to ride helluva lot of miles when I get home to make up for this week!

Once again I got Michelle back and comfy, and went out at low tide to play with the GoPro and the new wellies! I buzzed to Haystack fired up the GoPro and…. it was dead!  I forgot to turn it off after the big wave got me… Damn.

But I still had fun. With the boots, I was able to get to places I couldn’t that morning. Which got me some cool sea creature photos

While I was there, I was chatting with one of the volunteers from the Haystack Awareness Program.

These folks come out every low tide to answer questions and make sure people aren’t stupid and hurt the tide pools (the stupid prevention is a much harder job) The guy I was talking to let me know some bad news.

In the last 4 years, starfish have been decimated by a virus from Mexico to Alaska on the Pacific coast. (this I knew). It’s a type of parvovirus, which also causes problems for dogs. What I didn’t know is that it took out 98% of all starfish. (Almost like the novel The Stand for this species.) I also learned that the hope for baby starfish to be immune seems NOT to be the case. The young seem to still be susceptible to it. So walls that used to be covered with them 

are now empty. They don’t know if it is pollution, or the warming of the oceans or something else causing it, but its sad.

However, eagle eye Valente did spot one further out in the deep water!

I pointed it out to my volunteer friend who was quite happy to see this mature fella hanging out.

With that, the tide started coming back in and it was time to head back for a glass of wine. I did spot some unique wildlife on the way back. A rare sighting of the wet-suited preteen!

The volunteers were NOT happy with them being so deep…

One last look Haystack before a glass of wine!


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  1. I LOVE the photos of Your Michelle walking on the beach. She’s such model material! And the boots are a great addition to your photography repertoire. You can get some great photos when you don’t have to worry about soggy shoes! RIP starfish.

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