Cannon Beach 2017 Part III

From the pictures I’ve posted you might not know it, but I am telling you, this has been a wild week of weather.  Tuesday night I was woken up more than once by the winds howling over our skylights. Add to it, heavy rains, followed by sun breaks, and its been fun.

The thing is, with northwest beaches, we KNOW we will get weather like this. Its part of the fun of going. But it sure as hell aint for wimps! 

As with all days, at the ocean, breakfast is first on the agenda. We Love Pig’n Pancake, but we like to go other places as well. During the Oregon Coast ride in September, our Yelp expert Kim found the Lazy Susan Cafe. It’s a tiny place, that does NOT take debit cards. Cash or checks only. As good as the omelet was, I have been thinking about the marionberry scones for the last 6 months.

We got to the cafe the 8:00 AM opening as we knew it would be busy, even on a Wednesday. I walked in hoping for one thing, the scone. Sure enough there they were…

I was a happy boy! And I was full after half of this (we shared) and my main breakfast, but I SO wanted to eat more of them…  Michelle helped me out the front door before I grabbed 3 more….

As with the day before, we hit the beach for a walk to Haystack. We were walking directly into a major headwind. As you can see, the birds were hiding on the leeward side to avoid the wind!

We didn’t spend much time at the rock as it was cold just standing around, but I was there long enough to spot this little guy. Love Hermit crabs!

I also got some cool under water pictures

Editor’s Note: I just noticed I added the wrong video yesterday. Here is the one showing WHY tall water proof boots are needed here.

The wind was blowing, but there was no rain. So instead of heading straight back to the room, we continue farther south. As we walked, Michelle spotted 7 or 8 sand dollars plus one huge one that was still alive. (We left him safely there) she loves to collect sand dollars.

As we walked we ended up at a part of the beach we’d never been too. We were closer to Tilly

And we found a pretty big river meeting the ocean.

It was cool, the seagulls were flying upstream and riding the current down. They were having fun!

Turns out we were at the south end of town here, so we walked back through town and used the building for windbreaks!

Most of the day was spent looking at pictures, blogging, and reading in front of the gas fireplace, watching rain squalls run through. A very relaxing day.

Part way through the afternoon, we made a run to the grocery store for some necessities. (OK we needed a bottle of wine.) Bet you can’t guess why we picked this one…

I won’t say it was great, but it wasn’t bad either

Of course, I had to do a walk that night. Michelle was warm and toasty in the bed with a glass of wine, while I put on head to toe rain gear. The wind was still blowing, and rains were hitting.

I know, a smart man would just stay in. Right now, though, trips to the ocean happen only once or twice a year. I want to be on beach, hearing the waves and smelling the salt as much as I can. Michelle just smiles and says, “Have fun!” and shews me out the door.

The winds were whipping, so the low tide didn’t get as low as I hoped. This meant no new underwater pictures. I did get some more of the waves and rocks though.

Watching the waves from this vantage point, I hadn’t noticed the sun had started to peek out as it was setting.

There is just something about sundown at the beach that makes me snap a ton of photos!

While I was taking the pictures, the rain was still coming down. For some reason I turned around, and I glad I did!

The picture does NOT do the rainbow justice.

Want to experience more? Check this out.

At the end, I was cold, a bit damp despite the gear, and VERY happy that I had gone on the sunset walk in the elements! The Northwest beaches are NOT for people who want to tan while laying in the sand. But, with the right clothes, some patience and good luck, you will see things you will NEVER see on a boring all sand beach,



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  1. Thanks for making your readers jealous, once again. Those sunset photos (and video) are drool-worthy! Looking forward to the next part!

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