Cannon Beach 2017 Part IV

How do you know you are relaxing more and more on a vacation? It’s when you wake up later and later. No lie, I have been seriously lazy this week, but it just feels SO damn good to sleep in. Yesterday was no different.

More than once during the night, the rain pounding on the skylight woke me up. The weather has been that way all week. Rain and wind followed by sun, with a quick return to rain. The rain gear we brought is getting a serious work out, but, because we know what we are doing with out gear, we have not been stuck in the room at all.

When I finally got my lazy read out of bed, we decided to hit Pig’n Pancake again.

We were debating whether to walk down when suddenly the skies opened up again. With a look we both decided it was better to drive! It was a good thing we did, as it was wetter when we left than when we arrived there.

One of the reasons we love this place is the people. The hostess and the servers are always happy and smiling. This lead to our surprise when our server seemed to be grouchier than hell! I swear, if she would have had a plate of food for us, she would have thrown it at us.

We soon determined the reason for this. Next to us was a table with a mom and 2 kids she did not have control over. We were very happy to see them leave right after we were seated. Sure enough, as soon as they were gone, our server was MUCH nicer! No food thrown at us at all!

When we got back, we hung out for a bit with our coffee and tea, but soon it was time for the walk on the beach.

It was windier than hell again! Not to mention cold. But we both love the beach and didn’t want to miss a day. I won’t say it was especially nice out there, but it wasn’t too bad

We walked back to Haystack, where I spotted another starfish, sadly, I couldn’t get a photo, I did get this one of a bright orange snail though!

We enjoyed ourselves out there, but damn, even in the correct gear, that wind was cold. We considered ourselves lucky though that the rain squalls were staying out to sea.

Let me rephrase that. We THOUGHT the squall was staying out at sea. We were wrong… Just as it hit the lighthouse, the skies grew dark above us, and we were pelted by heavy hail! I have never seen, let alone felt, beach hail. That hurts! We made a bee-line for the room and the fire to warm up. Let’s hope I never get hit by that again…

We hung out in the room for most of the rest of the day. I read and blogged, Michelle watched HGTV and we watched the rain hit the skylight time and time again. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon I will say.

Dinner rolled around and we decided to hit the Pelican Brew Pub again, where we met our server Mark, fresh from Virginia. He and his wife Lindsay had been on a road trip and found the Oregon Coast. They moved out here in February, into the worst weather we have had in forever. He has seen floods, wind and snow. Plus rain almost every single day. We did our best to reassure him it DOES get nice here, but he was starting to have a hard time believing it…

Poor guy. Plus he lamented his wife of 6 years (though they have known each other for 10) is starting to push for children. He keeps offering to get her more dogs (they have 2 right now) but he isn’t sure how much longer that will work…

After a great dinner of calamari and pizza margarite flat bread, it was back to the room for a bit of wine.

Now a smart man, after the weather that morning, woulda stayed inside…. But when I looked I saw this,

Y’all know how much I love sundown at the beach! Looks like there was a window of good weather! I gathered my gear and I was out the door. I was almost to the water when I realized I hadn’t grabbed the waterproof baseball cap. “Oh well”, thought I, “I should be fine!”

I passed Haystack and something I hadn’t seen there before, a man fishing. I wonder if he had any luck?

I also spotted this rock covered with anemones

The weather was still looking great,

So I kept going to check out some areas further south

As I went, I noticed something I had seen just 10 hours before

Off shore squalls…. Now a smart man would have remembered what happened that morning and turned around…  Sometimes I aint that smart (I seem to say this A LOT in my posts)

If you look closely, you will see the weather is hitting me again. This is the end of an even harder and longer hail storm (I had to hide the camera during the worst of it). And of course it had to hit when I was over a mile from the room…. You shoulda seen the crowds run from the beach. Me? I just kinda turned my back to it and dealt with it. This did let me spot another rainbow!

But, once it stopped, I looked north and saw the sundown was going to be amazing! All of those who left were going to miss out!

So I kept walking back, stopping to shoot pictures. These are just the best of the ones I took.

I think the weather gods were rewarding me for punishment I took at their hands. I will never be a professional photographer, I flat do NOT have the patience, but sometimes, you just get lucky!

I am very much going to miss the ocean when we go home…

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