Canon Beach in the rearview mirror

You know, as time goes on, I am finding it harder and harder to leave our vacation spots and head home. Last year, after the Oregon Coast bike trip, I was honestly bummed out for  quite a while to be back at work. As I sit here and blog, I am really NOT wanting to go back to the office tomorrow.

Oh well…

So, the morning of the departure arrived, and of course Murphy’s law hit….

As it was our last night, we spoiled ourselves with some excellent wine and snack night for dinner while hanging out in bed. It was a great way to spend the last evening. And I loved hearing the rain hit the skylights.

So what was Murphy’s law? Sure as hell, the morning we left the sun came out and skies turned blue.

Neither of us wanted to leave, but sadly, we had to return to the real world. So after breakfast at Pign’ Pancake, it was time to pack and head out.

I did notice something for the first time though. Our room is advertised as a NON ocean view room. But, with it sunny, we saw this…

Yep we could look right through the house across from us to the water. Think they woulda minded if I used the binoculars?

The drive back was easy. the weather was dry and we hit the speed limit or more the entire way. That is until we hit Tacoma.  Right near Tacoma Mall, we came to a stop. Turns out there was a pretty big Harley Davidson Group doing a ride and 2 or 3 of them were down! Not good.

It’s ironic in a way. Last week in Corvallis, our buddy Mark was telling me he didn’t like riding in large groups a people he did not know. There is a method to the big rides to keep everyone safe, and just like with bicycles, not everyone knows or follows the rules.

I just tried to find the accident on google to no avail, so HOPEFULLY that means the people are going to be OK.

Other than that, and normal crappy Seattle traffic, we made it home 5 hours after we left.

Michelle usually plans to get us home Saturday so we have a time to get ready for Monday. It was a busy afternoon.

  1. The car was unloaded and everything was in the house
  2. We made a run to the grocery store to get the shopping done for the week (AFTER stopping at Taco Time! The breakfast wore off long before and we were starving!
  3. Picked up prescriptions at Drug Store
  4. Michelle unpack everything and put suitcases away.
  5. I busted out the weed-eater and did the first attack of the year on the yard
  6. Then I busted out the mower for the first cut of the year (DAMN that grass was tall)
  7. Michelle weeded the garden beds
  8. I got the bike on the stand to clean and lube one dirty and starting to rust chain! (Salt water spray bad!)
  9. We drank wine.

WHEW!!! I am tired again just typing it!

But there was a method to my madness.

Easter Sunday dawned, promising warm dry weather! Now there is an advantage to being a heathen. I don’t have to spend the warmest day of the year so far wearing a suit and sitting indoors on a hard bench.

Nope, my wife was kicking me out on a bike ride!

I decided to do the Lake Washington loop, then add-on a bit into Woodinville. It would be about 60 miles or so, the longest of the year so far.

I started out with layers on and warmer gloves, but as promised the day was bright, and started to warm

By the time I got to the southern most part of the loop, the Renton airport

I had gotten rid of the top windbreaker and the heavy gloves. Ten miles later, I was down to summer time wear! DAMN it felt good to feel the sun on the skin. And, as fish belly white as I am, there was NO way a car could miss me!

Being Easter, traffic was light as were the number of other cyclists. Along about 45 miles I was getting VERY hungry, luckily I found an emergency Clif Bar in my bag. I make a point NEVER to check the “use by” dates on these. When I am hungry like today I don’t care HOW OLD it is. It hit the spot!

When I was about 5 miles from the hill to my house, I had to stop! As much as I was enjoying the sun, so was this guy!

He is obviously a local resident of the bike path. My stopping and getting close for the photo didn’t bother him a bit!

The 4 mile climb to home was rough, but in the end, 64 miles were ridden! A good way to spend the last day of vacation! Followed by Au Gratin taters made by my lovely wife! (I peeled!)

So all in all, it was a great, albeit way too short, vacation.

Tomorrow will be tough putting on jeans, real shoes and going to the office. Luckily my desk is far away from everyone so if I am grouchy, no one will see.

Damn, maybe I shoulda applied at the help wanted sign at the grocery store in Cannon Beach… Maybe it’s not too late!

6 thoughts on “Canon Beach in the rearview mirror

  1. “Cannon Beach in the Rearview Mirror.” What a perfect title!

    Glad you had another fantastic time at Cannon Beach, despite Mr. Murphy. I’m always impressed by how you and Michelle are able to create such wonderful downtime and together-time. It’s so healthy–for your bodies, your sanity, and your relationship!

    1. It helps that we understand each other. She knows sometimes I get ancie and want to go, so she shoos me out the door to go get hailed on.

      I agree, sometimes, ok as often as possible, you just need to get the hell out of dodge together.

      1. Ha! I’m hoping there’s not always a 100% correlation between Michelle shooing you out the door and you getting hailed on! 🙂

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