Tidbits from Cannon Beach 2017

Since the birth of the Mountainstroh Blog 4 years (wow 4!) ago, I have posted during every vacation. I do it because it is fun, and it helps me remember the fun stuff that happens, and lets me share my fun with people stuck at work.

Not everything that happens though makes it into a post. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes something cooler happened, and sometimes I just think I will add it later.

This post is a few things that happened during the week we were gone that may have gotten skipped.

Freak Hailstorm in Corvallis.

Hail seems to be a recurring theme of this trip! Our first day in Corvallis, the afternoon before the halfmarathon, we were having lunch at Skyhigh Brewing.

I know you will be shocked at my choice of food

It had rained off and on the whole trip down, but had brightened up. We were sitting there chatting when the sky dumped on us! We looked outside, and it was hailing beyond belief. We we expressing our relief to each other of being inside and warm with good beer, when the side door opened.

This place has a outside fridge or freezer (not sure which) one of the kitchen staff was out there getting some stuff when it hit! Poor guy got clobbered!! He got a lot of sympathy smiles as he walked back in! I think I woulda climbed in the freezer till it stopped!

Why cheese curds squeak!

We always stop at the Tillamook Cheese factory. Its the perfect place to use the restroom. The have ice cream

And there are free cheese samples, including cheese curds!

We call the curds “squeaky cheese” since they make noise when you chew them. (SQUEAK!) . Well this time, when we got to the free samples, we ran into Ed, a worker there who was enjoying them as well (he wasn’t supposed to, according to him, so Ed is a made up name if Tillamook Cheese Sample Enforcement is reading this!)

As we ate our curds he asked. “Did it make noise?” and we both nodded. He then said “Well then I know that neither of you have dentures AND you both brushed your teeth today!”

According to Ed (who was wearing an official Tillamook vest and name plate so it must be gospel) curds will NOT squeak for denture wearers or those with dirty teeth! I’ve been going here for almost 30 years and never knew that! So now we all know!

Coast Cats

Michelle was born on the coast, so she is an official Coast Kid. Rain does NOT bother her! I have been adopted to the Coast Kid Clan! We walked in all kinds of weather that week.

Well one of the first days, we were driving to our place in the pouring rain. Walking toward us was a local resident wearing rain gear. He was walking the dog, also in his own rain gear. As we got closer, I noticed he was carrying something. Sure as hell, it was a cat! With his own rain coat and hood! (This is one of those times I was kicking myself for not having the camera with me)

The cat seemed quite content despite the rain. Never saw him again, but loved that we did see him.

Eat your pears!

At the Lazy Susan Cafe, famous for its scones

You have the option of hashbrowns or fruit with your omelette. The last day, I decided to have the fruit (OK also I had another scone!) I am not a melon fan, so I gave all of that to Michelle, while she gave me all of her orange slices. Neither of us were real partial to the fresh pear, but she gave me her’s anyway.

When we were done, I had eaten everything but the pile of pears. Our server, a very sweet kid, always smiling and happy and quick to fill the coffee cup, came over, looked at my plate and frowned at me. She then, no lie, put her hands on her hips and said. “Eat your pears they are good for you! They are almost out of season, so you have some of the last ones. Plus, they are good for cholesterol, my dad eats them every day! I will be back soon.” Then she walked off.

Well you know what I did. I looked right at Michelle, opened my mouth and… Ate my pears….

It wasn’t till later it hit me. Was she 1) Saying I looked as old as her dad? 2) Saying I looked like I was out of shape and had cholesterol issues? or 3) All of the above! Is it possible to get my tip back a week later???

Exercise Dude

Loved this guy!

Every morning, rain or shine, he would walk up and down the road doing a series of exercises. I never had the chance to talk to him, but I have deduced two things. 1) He is doing his best to be healthy, and 2) Like me, he HATES exercising indoors. Well done sir!

Unexpected Hithhiker to Pign Pancake

The last day at the beach means one last breakfast at the Pign Pancake. We decided to drive as we wanted to hit the road early once we were done eating. We caught to the restaurant, sat down and I took off my jacket.

Michelle looked at me with a weird expression on her face, then leaned closer to look at my neck. Suddenly she reared back, eyes wide and said, “THERE’S A SPIDER ON YOUR NECK!!!” Which of course meant I went all ninja swiping at my neck!

Sure as hell, a dime sized spider plopped onto our table! NO idea where he came from or how he got there! ย Now normally I am nice to spiders. This guy though did NOT respect my personal space! I flicked him off the table clear across the room!

I am sure there are many many other things that occurred that I missed. But, maybe that’s ok as well. It was a relaxing vacation, and letting the mind relax and NOT remember everything is part of the reason to go to the beach.

Shoot even the seagulls relax sometimes!

4 thoughts on “Tidbits from Cannon Beach 2017

  1. Ha, fun recap! I especially liked the story about the squeaky cheese curds. I’m sorta surprised you didn’t design an informal experiment right there at Tillamook, seeking out denture wearers as well as visitors who hasn’t brushed their teeth in days to confirm Ed’s statement. I’m a little disappointed about that, but I’ll get over it.

    I am REALLY disappointed, though, about not having a visual to accompany your story about the man taking his cat it into the rain. Given the size of your fan base, it’s imperative that your camera be on you at ALL times. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it’s the seemingly and insignificant things that bring the most amusement to our days. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Oh, trust me, when the new visitor center is open and the pool of chewers is bigger I am ALL over the testing! I will bring in a step ladder for heighth, a clipboard and my booming voice!!

      and I agree on the camera! I ran in and by the time I came out they were gone. I need to perfect my photography while driving skills! I can just roll down the window and yell SMILE!!

      1. Can’t wait to read your post about squeaky cheese testing. As for photographing while driving, just remember: safety first. ๐Ÿ™‚

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