Seattle Rules to Live By

Folks, I am sure everywhere someone lives has it own particular set of rules. In California, I think there is a requirement to be tan. Texas, somewhere is a bylaw that says you have to own boots and a hat. South of the Mason-Dixon line, Y’all are required to use the word Y’all!

On the Oregon Coast, somewhere in the closet you have a pair of these.

In Seattle, we have many. Some involve only drinking Good wine, good beer and good coffee. ( I am sipping Starbucks as I type this.) But others revolve around the sun coming out….

This has been a tough winter. I learned recently that our rain measure year runs from October 1 until September 30. In that same article I read that since October 2016 we have had over 140 days with measurable rain.  Now this doesn’t mean every day looked like this

Or like this

But some did. For the rest, at least once during the day, it rained enough for the official rain gauge to register it. This has NOT made cycling easy.  OK, I have 1200 miles so far this year, but damn its been wet!

This brings us to one of the Northwest rules:

In a year like this, when the sun comes out of a week day, and the forecast is for 65, get the hell out of work as soon as you can and ride! (Especially when the forecast for the next week was more rain!)

Yesterday the forecast was for just that, and this is what I saw outside my work window.


The problem was I was stuck hosting 3 Skype training sessions yesterday, and only I could do them. On the plus side, the last one was scheduled to end about 1:30. That meant at 1:32 I could be heading for the bike.

Funny thing about this particular Skype session. I wasn’t using a camera, so the participants couldn’t see me. They would have no idea if I had work clothes on or I was naked! So at 12:30 I changed into bike gear. This meant there would be no delay in getting outside.

You know, the attire had no effect on my training ability. Someday I will convince the Mighty P of this and I will be able to wear shorts at work! (but I digress)

I got outside and the weather was perfect. I started with a windbreaker as there was still a bit of a chill, but within 10 miles I was down to shirt sleeves. It was perfect! The route I took was nothing spectacular, it was one of my regular training routes

It was Friday, so some parts had a LOT of traffic, when I got to the trail, it was crowded with walkers, skaters, strollers and other cyclists. And I DID NOT CARE!

The sun was shining, the breeze was warm and I am sure I was smiling the whole time! I did get one complement during the ride. I was passing a couple of riders as I road toward Marymoor Park. I said, “I will we be passing on your left ladies!” and one of them replied, “Wow, thanks! With that voice you should be on the radio!” Aww shucks!

All in all, when I got home, I had covered 52 miles and felt good! However, the day was NOT done yet.

Another rule when the sun comes out this time of year: Mow your grass NOW sucker for it will be a jungle after another week of rain!

So yep, I got home, changed into mowing attire, and fired up the mower to mow the lawn. And no, it’s NOT a riding mower. And the grass is thick in the spring. Maybe I can call it cross training?

45 minutes later, the day was done! It was time to sit and have dinner and suck down a Gatorade.

Afterwards, though, it was time to implement the last of the Seattle rules for the day: Always drink GOOD beer.


I know some of you might be thinking, “Tony, you like t0 BREAK rules not FOLLOW them!”

And you are correct. I like to look at rules more as guidelines or recommendations. However, there are sometimes rules, at least the ones make, are spot on!

The rains will be here soon today, but after yesterday I am OK with that. Yesterday was one of those days that remind me why we love the Northwest! And later today we will be implementing the Drink Good Wine rule!

Like the wind!

4 thoughts on “Seattle Rules to Live By

  1. What a view from your window!!! I’m happy to hear you got out for a ride yesterday and even tackled the lawn! I was stuck driving to/from Tacoma and missed most of it. 🙁

  2. This is spot on (except I substitute tea for beer in Rule #3). And being a rule-abiding citizen, I was doing these EXACT. SAME. THINGS. last Friday as well. 😀

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